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Scientists Pinpoint “Hole” Through Which Noah’s Ark 2 Entered Our Universe   Leave a comment

DEAD RINGER for Ark found frozen in Antarctic ice 3 years ago.

DEAD RINGER for Ark found frozen in Antarctic ice 3 years ago.

By C. Michael Forsyth

CANBERRA, Australia–Just 30 kilometers from the spot where the mysterious wooden vessel dubbed “Noah’s Ark 2” was found frozen in Antarctic ice in 2011, researchers have detected low levels of radiation emanating from what could be a hole in the wall between our universe and a parallel one!

The discovery bolsters the theory that the Ark-like ship—which was found with the entire crew and all the animals frozen stiff—somehow floated into our world from one of many others in a “multiverse.”

The faint signal was picked up on January 3 by scientists aboard the Australian icebreaker the Ned Kelly, one of several that were racing to rescue the stranded Russian research ship the Akademik Shokalski, which was stuck in ice. The scientist turned over the puzzling data over to university physicists who analyzed it with the aid of computers.

“The radiation is closely related to terminal gamma ray flashes from an evaporating black hole,” revealed physicist Dr. Peter Jolloway. “It is something you’d expect to detect in deep space—not 450 feet below the ice on Earth. This is absolutely stunning. You either have to believe that there is or was a black hole in Antarctica or you have to accept the possibility that there is a breach in the wall separating our universe from a sister universe.”

The Ark, which closely matches biblical descriptions found in the book of Genesis, was found in the Wendell Sea after a section of the Larsen C ice shelf collapsed. This earthshaking news was suppressed by numerous governments to avoid widespread social upheaval and both Bible scholars and scientists were baffled. It was Dr. Jeremy Blinkley who first proposed that the ark hailed from another universe, one in which both mankind and most non-aquatic animal species became extinct. Support for that theory arose last year when a study of the mitochondrial DNA of tissue extracted from animals aboard Noah’s Ark 2 revealed they all shared a mutation not found on any species on this version of Earth.

RUSSELL Crowe as Noah in the new hit movie.

RUSSELL Crowe as Noah in the new hit movie.

At the time, Dr. Blinkley declared that the results made the discovery of the so-called God Particle “look like a second grade science project.” But the latest development makes that pale in significance, he now asserts.

“This suggests that at this unique location there is a permeable membrane between our universe and another among the infinite number in the multiverse,” the expert told a science reporter. “We may at some point in the future be able to send a probe through it or perhaps one day even a manned mission.”

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Houdini and Conan Doyle investigate a bizarre disappearance in new book.


TISSUE samples were taken from baby elephant found frozen on the ship.

By C. Michael Forsyth

GOTEBORG, Sweden — An extensive study of the mitochondrial DNA from 17 mammals discovered dead aboard a mysterious Noah’s Ark-like vessel last year has yielded proof that it originated in a parallel universe, scientists say.

“Each of the mammals is genetically similar to its counterpart on Earth, except for a single mutation found in their mitochondrial DNA. This mutation occurred in their common ancestor approximately 80 million years ago,” revealed Dr. Alberik Hakansson, a leading expert in molecular phylogenetics and a co-author of the study.

“This is consistent with the theory that around that time the two universes diverged and developed two markedly different histories.”

NEWS of the discovery of the mysterious wreck inbedded in Antarctic ice was supressed in some nations.

Reports of the discovery of the ship frozen in Antarctic ice by Swedish researchers in February 2011 sparked an uproar in the scientific community. The vessel matched biblical descriptions of the Ark in its physical dimensions and contained representatives of scores of species. However, all the animals as well as the entire crew were frozen stiff, as reported on this site last year.

Scientists, Bible scholars and armchair archaeologists proposed a variety of theories to explain the bizarre find. Some Christian leaders asserted that the ship had been planted in the ice as an elaborate hoax cooked up by atheists. Others suggested that a copycat of Noah built his own ark and ventured out during the Flood with disastrous results.

THE MULTIVERSE theory holds that our universe is but one of a vast number.

The theory that the ship, dubbed Noah’s Ark 2 by researchers, hailed from an alternate universe was first proposed by quantum physicist Dr. Jeremy Blinkley, often described as the world’s smartest man. The concept that our universe is just one of many in a “multiverse” is accepted by many theoretical physicists. The expert says he’s “tickled pink” by the results of the year-long DNA study.

“This makes the search for the so-called God particle look like a 2nd grade science project,” Dr. Blinkley declared. “It simultaneously provides powerful proof of the multiverse theory, supports basic tenets of evolution and confirms the literal truth of the Bible.”

MITOCHONDRIAL DNA, found in every cell of a human or animal body, is a useful tool in tracing the ancestry of a species.

Mitochondrial DNA, discovered in the 1960s by Margit and Sylvan Nass with an electron microscope, is a form of DNA located in structures known as mitochondria found in every cell of the body.

“Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from the mother,” explained Dr. Hakansson.“With ‘ordinary’ DNA the offspring gets a mix of genes from both parents creating a garbled genetic history.

“Since mitochondrial DNA allows you to trace a direct genetic line through the mother, that makes it ideal for mapping out evolutionary trees.”

ANIMALS found frozen aboard Noah’s Ark 2 were in a remarkable state of preservation.

The analysis revealed that the animals from Noah’s Ark 2 all share a mutation in their mitochondrial DNA.

“This mutation must have occurred in the common ancestor of all placental mammals,” revealed Dr. Hakansson. “This was the Eomaia scansoria, a shrew-like creature that weighed no more than 9 ounces.”

Eomaia scansoria (Latin for “tree-climbing dawn mother”) was the ancestor of virtually all mammals, experts say.

“The mutation was a subtle shift in a single nucleotide,” the researcher continued. “The elephant, giraffe and donkey, and other species we took tissue samples from all share the trait. Corresponding animals on our Earth, although they look similar, don’t have it.”

Computers played a vital role in the study, filling in blanks with an assortment of complex algorithms.

“The programs helped us reconstruct several genome sequences,” explained Catherine Gorweyde of the U.K., who led the project’s computer paleogenomics team. The study did not include egg-laying mammals such as the platypus, only animals that bear their young live, known as placental mammals, she added.

For millions of years, the history of the alternate universe was probably quite similar to our own, experts believe.

“It had primitive cavemen like our own Adam and Eve and, presumably, all the significant events in Genesis leading up to the Flood occurred,” said Dr. Hakansson. “But obviously after the Flood the history of the other universe would have been dramatically different, since Noah’s Ark 2 foundered off the coast of Antarctica and all aboard perished.

“We are almost certainly talking about a world devoid of both human life and land animals.”

Biblical scholar Reverend Bob Sudlen, who calls the lab results “stunning,” says we may never how Noah’s Ark 2 got here from the other universe or why it sank.

“Perhaps it was a freak storm or maybe someone on board cracked a joke that angered God,” he observed. “We can only be sure that it was part of the divine plan.”

ALL ABOARD! Noah’s Ark saved a handful of humans and two of every animal — at least in OUR universe.

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth


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NOAH’S ARK FOUND FROZEN IN ANTARCTIC ICE — With Crew Still Aboard!   11 comments

Frozen: is mysterious wreck found under Antarctic ice Noah's Ark?

By C. Michael Forsyth

McMURDO BASE, Antarctica — Scientists say they have discovered what appears to be Noah’s Ark deep in an Antarctic ice shelf, with all hands still aboard along with two of every animal — all frozen stiff!


The remarkable discovery was made on February 8th  by the Swedish research vessel Aventyr. The scientists were studying the effects of global warming, when the ice-shelf collapsed, exposing about a third of the ancient craft.

“This is far, far, beyond merely mind-blowing — it‘s the most baffling Bible mystery of all time,” declares biblical archaeologist David H. Tootenhaur. “It turns everything we thought we knew about the Holy Bible upside down!”

The scientists who made the amazing find are cautious about identifying the enormous, ice-enshrouded vessel as Noah’s Ark, saying it would be premature to do so without further investigation.

“We can only say that the ship is made of cedar, known in antiquity as ‘gopher wood,’ just as described in the Bible,” says lead researcher Dr. Alrik Olofson.

“It measures 450 feet long, the equivelent of the ancient unit 300 cubits; it is 75 feet or 50 cubits wide, and it has three stories that give it the height of 45 feet, or 30 cubits. These are precisely the specifications God cited when He commanded Noah to build the Ark, according to the Book of Genesis.

“Aboard we’ve found two representatives of virtually every species that now exists, as well as the remains of five pre-Bronze age humans.”

The ship was found in the Wendell Sea, when a mile-long section of the Larson C  ice shelf collapsed. The discovery seems to fly in the face of known history, since the entire human race is believed to be descended from survivors of the Flood aboard Noah’s Ark.

Even the world’s top Bible scholars confess that they are befuddled, and news reports have fueled much wild speculation. Some armchair Bible “experts” claim the whole thing must be an elaborate hoax cooked up by Satanists bent on attacking Christianity. New Agers point to Babylonian legends of a small band of people who survived the Flood by means of a giant “holy umbrella” — and whom, they argue, could be the real ancestors of modern humans.

Some church leaders fear that unless the riddle is solved — and quickly — it could lead to religious conflict and social unrest.

“We are pleading with our congregations to remain calm,” says Florida clergyman Rev. Alexander P. Wentbooth. “Christians must have faith that this is all part of God’s plan.”

Fearing widespread upheaval, many governments have suppressed news of the discovery. Even in the U.S., quite a few preachers stubbornly refuse to discuss the ship with their flocks.

Noah’s ark saved all life on Earth — at least on OUR universe.


Theoretical physicist Dr. Jeremy Blinkley, generally acknowleged to be the world’s most brilliant mind and sometimes referred to as “the thinking man’s Stephen Hawking,” believes he may have an explanation for the bizarre discovery.

“Most physicists today believe in the multiverse theory — the concept that alongside our universe are many other parallel universes, lying near ours in dimensions beyond the three that we perceive,” he explained. “It’s widely believed that small portholes may open up  from time to time, through which objects may pass from one world to another.

“It’s possible that in a parallel universe Noah built his Ark to escape the flood, but he, his crew and his cargo of animals failed to survive the journey. And the wreckage of his vessel drifted from a sea in that universe into our own.

“Needless to say, in that Noah’s home universe the human race is extinct, along with all other species on Earth.”

As way out as it sounds, the explanation dovetails perfectly with Christian belief.

“The great Christian thinker C.S. Lewis — hardly a heathen — explored the idea of parallel universes in his book The Magician’s Nephew,” notes Christian physicist Arnold Hipperman. “It was the logical underpinning to his famous alternate world Narnia.”

Although no radiocarbon dating has yet been conducted, based on the surrounding ice, experts say the ship must be at least 100,000 years old. Preserved by the cold, the human remains are remarkably intact. The robed, white-bearded captain was found with his hands still frozen to the steering wheel.

“It’s obvious that he tried heroically to save the ship, before it was overcome by some unknown calamity,” notes Dr. Olofson.

The animal carcasses are entirely made up of newborns, including a baby kangaroo, known as a joey, no bigger than a honey bee. Crates of eggs were found in the lowest deck, rather than live birds and reptiles. This, at least, solves one Bible mystery that has long puzzled scholars — how Noah managed to squeeze all those creatures into one boat.

While the discovery has been unsettling to many believers, Hipperman says that if the multiverse theory is right, that’s reason to rejoice.

“It means that the act of Creation is even more miraculous than we were taught in Sunday school,” he observes. “God did not only create our universe, he simultaneously made countless others.”

Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth.

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth



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