EVEN GOOD GIRLS can become werewolves, as illustrated here by artist Kacey Miyagami

By C. Michael Forsyth

BUDAPEST, Hungary – When police found a stark-naked woman asleep on a park bench and arrested her for indecent exposure, she offered a novel excuse for her undignified state. The buxom blonde claimed that she’s a werewolf who shed her clothes to romp under the full moon the night before!

“In my 32 years on the bench, I thought I’d heard everything, but this takes ‘weird’ to a new level,” Judge Bartalan Gyori declared.

Irenke Fodor, a 28-year-old factory worker, was discovered on the east side of Varolsliget Park on the morning of October 17, police say.

“She was sprawled out with her legs wide apart, completely naked,” says police officer Peterke Bakos, who made the eye-popping discovery while on patrol with his female partner. “Her hair was a tangled mess, full of leaves, and her body was caked in mud. She was snoring loudly and it took several pokes with our batons to rouse her.

“We naturally assumed she was a party girl who’d had one too many at one of the local bars, stripped and went frolicking in the park.”

Fellow officer Anasztaizia Kardo says, “It was disgusting. She looked like a kurva (total skank). When we finally woke her, she leapt up and tried frantically to cover up her wares – as if she hadn’t put them on lewd display the night before. I frisked her, while my partner read the filthy little hussy her rights.”

The cops slapped handcuffs on the buck-naked beauty and carted her off to jail. It looked like an open and shut case – until Irenke’s lawyer stunned the courtroom at a preliminary hearing.

“My client’s position is that her garments were torn off when, without her volition, she transformed into a werewolf,” attorney Rezso Jozsa told the judge. “There was no criminal intent to expose herself indecently.”

The case has created a stir among court-watchers and Irenke has become a minor celebrity, nicknamed the “Naked Wolf  Girl” by courthouse wags.

Due to harsh laws dating back to the werewolf panic of the 1700s, the young woman faces up to six years behind bars, should she plead guilty to the “crime” of lycanthropy. That’s a far stiffer penalty than the 30 days in jail and 100,000 forint (about $500 U.S) fine she would likely receive if convicted for the first time of indecent exposure. Yet, ignoring her attorney’s pleas, she stubbornly intends to cop a plea to the more serious crime at her next hearing, set for November 24.

“I want people to know that I am a decent woman,” Irenke told a reporter adamantly. “I am not some boozing slut.”

Copyright 2010, C. Michael Forsyth

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  1. Michael, you are filling a void. Finally, unicorns and werewolfs together again. Millenia fall away. Cheers.

  2. Seems it would be pretty easy for the girl to plead her case: tell the cops:”Lock me in jail the next time there is a full moon and watch what happens!” Like many WWN-type stories, it’s a clever idea that doesn’t completely hold up when “real world” rules are applied…

  3. Bizarre is right but there is always that part of me that wonders about werewolves and vampires. I have always been scared out of my wits but can’t turn away by the ancient ideas of those stories. I secretly think I want there to be some truth in the legends. Keep us posted!

  4. Mike,
    A great story and a masterful piece of writing. I used to be a writer myself, and reading your stuff reminds me of the grand old days when Weekly World News was in its heyday. Keep up the good work. Hope you put my email address to good use. (Facebook is so yesterday.)

  5. I particularly liked the “buck-naked beauty” part.

  6. A werewolf encroaching on vampire turf. Did her cheeky defense jibe with the full moon?

  7. Why did the cops frisk her, if she was stark naked? A better question, how did they frisk her?

  8. Somehow, this seems like something we might have seen “back in the day”. Too funny. I’m glad this “decent” girl will get her day in court. I think Jordan has a good point, too.

  9. This is definitely a funny story, you might find something like this in a Carl Hiassen novel. In particular, that there is a Hungarian word for “total skank”, and that the naked woman gets frisked!

  10. Fun story Michael!

    But what really disturbs me is that I find the accompanying picture kinda sexy!

  11. Bill, that is awkward. Jordan- I thought of that as well.

  12. Write more, thats all I have to say. You definitely know what youre talking about


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