A young bride suffers a fate worse than death at the hands of a werewolf in the explosive opening chapter of the novel Hour of The Beast. The scene of indescribable horror – terrifying, yet powerfully erotic — has been branded shocking, controversial and disturbing. Here, read by the author, is Chapter One of Hour of the Beast.

Click HERE to hear Chapter One read aloud by the author FREE!

Hour of the Beast is available in print, eBook and Kindle formats. To buy the book or learn more, click HERE.

What critics say about Hour of the Beast:

“A fast-paced, rip-roaring, action-packed sexy college romp…A good, meaty read. I give it two thumbs up and a lusty howl at the moon.” – The Horror Fiction Review.

“Very easy to read, very difficult to put down.” — Readers Favorite.

“A new master of the horror genre is upon us! Hour of the Beast is a skillfully woven, gripping story filled with great characters and some stunning plot twists. A fresh, sexy new take on the classic werewolf story.” — John J. Stevens, author of Fire Island.

“Move over, Stephen King!” — The Morning News.

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