By C. Michael Forsyth

In a heartwarming stride forward for racial harmony, philanthropist Steven B. Hilderquist announced he will donate 10 million handguns to disadvantaged young African-Americans across the country.

That’s enough to put a gun in the hand of every young black adult in America!

The wealthy long-time gun rights activist says he was inspired to make the incredible gesture of generosity by the Trayvon Martin tragedy, in which the unarmed teen was shot dead.

“I couldn’t help thinking that if the kid had been carrying a firearm, maybe he’d still be alive today,” Hilderquist said in an interview. “I realize that gun ownership is out of the reach of many inner-city youths. And I’m blessed with the financial wherewithal to do something about it.”

BILLIONAIRE Hilderquist’s amazing act of charity has won him accolades from some in the black community.

According to the distribution plan, guns will be available to any member of the minority group between the ages of 17 and 25 who has no felony convictions.

One African-American leader who is a vocal advocate of Second Amendment rights is delighted by Hilderquist’s benevolent act.

“This gentleman is putting his money where his mouth is,” declared Derrick Gumyard, organizer of the upcoming Million Armed Man March. “For decades, we’ve been trying to fight crime by keeping guns out of urban areas. That hasn’t worked. It’s time to try something different: Arming decent, law-abiding, able-bodied young citizens.”

Even black leaders who are not generally supportive of gun rights give Hilderquist credit.

“I personally believe that what young black men need most now are jobs, not guns,” said the Reverend George Krimmett, Jr. of Chicago. “But it’s obvious Mr. Hilderquist’s heart is in the right place. This kind of effort at bridge-building is a step in the right direction. It’s the sort of thing we need to start doing to heal the wounds of racial conflict.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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