ALL FOR SHOW: Tina Wentlock (left) and Jasmine Hirmley (right) pause for a break 36 hours into their marathon kissing session.

By C. Michael Forsyth

BRUSSELS — Tina Wentlock and Jasmine Hirmley won $10,000 apiece by smooching for 84 hours in the International Lesbian Kissing Contest – even though neither one is gay!

What’s more, the 18-year-old American college students aren’t even friends and admit they never really liked each other before embarking on the marathon lip-locking session.

“I always thought Jasmine was standoffish and a little stuck up,” says Tina. “But when we heard about the contest and that prize money, we decided to go for it.”

The biggest event of its kind, the contest has been held annually since 1975 and took place in Bois de la Cambre Park in Brussels. The two vacationing coeds were hanging out with a group of fellow students from their college in Massachusetts when they learned about the July 5 competition. A crowd estimated to be close to 25,000 gathered to watch 148 couples compete.

“At first it was totally weird making out with another girl,” reveals Jasmine. “I mean her lips tasted fine and everything, but I hadn’t kissed a girl since my best friend taught me to French in 7th grade. But after a few hours, I got used to it.”

Onlookers gawked and snapped photos as the coeds played tonsil hockey for hour after hour, taking only five minute breaks for water, snacks and to visit the powder room.

“I would never have imagined they were not madly in love,” marvels attendee Jean-Michel Rimbeaux, 29. “They were not just kissing, they were running their hands all over each other’s bottoms and making very passionate sounds the whole time. Who would have thought it was merely an act?”

Tina says she thought about her boyfriend to keep her in the mood. And she confesses that knowing she and her teammate were getting every red-blooded male in the crowd hot and bothered — not to mention thousands of gay gals — was a big ego boost.

“The look in their eyes while they watched us tongue wrestle was priceless,” she says. “It made us want to ham it up even more.”

Nearly all the other couples were genuine lesbians, according to the organizer – and some were miffed to learn that the winners weren’t in a relationship.

“It doesn’t seem fair,” says Georgette Fortlen of London, who dropped out of the competition along with her longtime girlfriend after 72 hours. “I mean I don’t think straight chicks should have been allowed to compete. The whole point of the event is to celebrate lesbianism.”

Despite their prize-winning performance, the lovely lasses have no plans to switch teams.

“I’m still crazy about my boyfriend,” chuckles Tina. “But Jasmine and I are definitely going to stay in touch through, like Facebook or whatever.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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