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Anthropologist elves

MIRACULOUS: Icelandic authorities rescue missing scientist.

By C. Michael Forsyth

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Seven years after she vanished without a trace, a female anthropologist emerged from a mysterious cave where authorities believe she may have been held hostage by real-life elves!

Danish researcher Kalena Søndergaard was stark naked, covered by dust and babbling incoherently when rescuers found her outside a tiny opening in the famous Elf Rock, traditionally believed to house the underground dwelling place of mankind’s tiny cousins.

“She was crouching like an animal and spoke only in a language unrelated to any we know,” said Arnar Guðjohnsen of the National Rescue Service, which airlifted the 31-year-old survivor to a hospital by helicopter.

“The only word we could understand was ‘alfur,’ an old Icelandic word for elves. On her back were strange tattoos similar to those markings Viking explorers found on rock formations when they settled Iceland in 874, traditionally known as ‘elf writing.’ ”

Kalena Best

DANISH anthropologist Kalena Søndergaard vanished without a trace.

Kalena, who was seeking proof of the existence of elves, was reported missing in January of 2006. At the time, police suspected she was the victim of foul play, but an intensive search failed to turn up any remains. On Feb. 4, 2013, hikers spotted the scientist crawling on all fours on a ledge high on the rocky hill, moving “more like an ape than a human being,” one of the hikers told a newspaper.

Elf colorized better

ELUSIVE, small humanoids like the one in this 19th century illustration live beneath Iceland, a majority of citizens believe. And now scientists believe they may be right!

Belief in elves is widespread in the frigid island nation. One poll shows that 70 % of inhabitants believe they share the country with the pint-size underground race they call the Huldufolk or “hidden people.”

“The hidden people live in the underworld right beneath the ground in rocks and hills,” according to Haukur Ingi Jónasson, a leading Icelandic theologian and psychoanalyst.

UNEXPLAINED: Iceland's government protects reputed elf dwellings like this one.

UNEXPLAINED: Iceland’s government protects reputed elf dwellings like this one.

The government takes age-old legends about elves so seriously that roads are built around rocks formations associated with the creatures. Factories cannot be constructed until government experts certify there are no underground elf dwellings at the site.

Dr. Niels Kristiansen was one of Kalena’s colleagues of at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and says the anthropologist wrote her doctoral thesis on elf folklore.

“Until recently most experts assumed that stories about elves in Iceland were merely fairytales,” reveals Dr. Kristiansen. “But the discovery in 2003 of the so-called Hobbit in Liang Bua cave on the remote Indonesian island of Flores confirmed that a race of diminutive humanoids lived there as recently as 12,000 years ago.

STUNNING 2003 discovery of the Hobbit, , on a remote island, raised scientific speculation that Iceland's elves exist.

STUNNING 2003 discovery of the Hobbit on a remote island raised scientific speculation that Iceland’s elves also exist.

“Had it not been for a volcanic eruption those close relatives of homo sapiens might have survived up to the present day. Since no such catastrophe occurred in Iceland, it’s a reasonable hypothesis that this species of tiny humanoids existed on the island at the time of the Vikings. Certainly this aboriginal race would have had a good reason to take refuge underground to hide from the fierce warriors.

“Kalena was excited about the possibility that elves exist. That’s why she went to Iceland in 2005 to pursue her investigation.”

A logical starting point was the enormous hill Alfarkirkjan, known as Elf Rock. Located in the Sælingsdalur Valley, it has remained unchanged since the Ice Age. The mysterious rock, sometimes called the Cathedral of the Elves, has been the site of elf sightings for centuries and many psychics claim to have communicated telepathically with the beings who live deep in its bowels.

OMINOUS Elf Rock has been the site of encounters with the “hidden people” for more than 1,000 years.

According to one folktale, a pair of brothers had a close encounter with the hidden people. The younger brother Sveinn often disappeared for days without explanation and was rumored to have learned to talk with elves. One night, his brother Arnór went to Elf Rock in search of him. To his amazement, a secret opening in the hill appeared and Arnór saw Sveinn surrounded by knee-high, pointy-eared men who were about to initiate the mesmerized youth in a bizarre ritual. Arnór convinced his brother to escape with him. Furious at having been denied their prize, the elves chased the brothers and almost killed them.

Generally, elves rarely attack humans unless provoked. However, there are many Icelandic folktales about the Huldufolk invading farmhouses for food during the rough winters. Why they would have taken the attractive young scientist prisoner remains a mystery.

“Kalena may have stumbled onto an entryway to their kingdom,” Dr. Kristiansen speculates. “That act of trespass may have angered the hidden people and perhaps they took her captive so she couldn’t reveal their secret doorway to other outsiders.”

Though found without a stitch of clothing, the bedraggled woman did not appear to have been sexually abused. But authorities have not ruled out the possibility that she had voluntary relations with her captors.

“Elves reputedly have an interest in human females and are known to use mind control to seduce them,” observes folklore expert Eva Bryndísarson.

HEROES: Iceland's elite rescue team whisked traumatized scientist back to civilization.

HEROES: Iceland’s elite rescue team whisked traumatized scientist back to civilization.

Tradition holds that elves use magic for either good or ill. They can establish a psychic link with humans, although people who engage in such contact run the risk of becoming insane. That might explain why the brainy Ph.D’s mind is scrambled.

“Kalena’s brain is Swiss cheese now. She has been through a terrible ordeal,” says Dr. Kristiansen. “We are hopeful that she will someday be able to provide a lucid account of what happened.”

While scientists are eager to enter the crevice through which the anthropologist miraculously escaped, that may not happen for years — if ever.

“The government of Iceland is very protective of elf-related sites,” notes Dr. Kristiansen. “It’s doubtful they would allow an expedition into this secret underworld.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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254 responses to “Anthropologist Held Hostage By Elves For 7 Years

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  1. Pretty good, although “Eva Bryndísarson” is a flawed name. Eva is a female name, as is Bryndís, whereas the ‘-son’ suffix refers to the bearer being (duh) male. Icelandic last names are mostly patronymic, and although in later years it has become more popular to give matronymic or combined last names, that is still an exception. Even if Eva took her last name from her mother, she would be Bryndísardóttir, not Bryndísarson, as she is a girl. Although there are a few women carrying names ending in ‘-son’, those names are never taken from female names, as they are either foreign, or ‘foreignized’ Icelandic patronyms from the 19th century. So a woman whose parents are Bryndís Jónsdóttir and Ólafur Johnson might be called Eva Bryndísardóttir, Eva Bryndísar- og Ólafsdóttir, Eva Ólafsdóttir, Eva Johnson, or even Eva Bryndísardóttir Ólafsdóttir Johnson.

    Also, Armor is not a real Icelandic name, though Arnór, which is used later, is. Might be a typo.

    Tinna Gunnarsdóttir Gígja
    • She is Danish my friend.

    • If shes marries an icelandic man and takes his last name it is definatly possible just like my british mother took my fathers last name when they married, hence ending with Steinþórsson…

      • Women don’t take their husbands names in Iceland.

        Source? I’m Icelandic.

        Your mother might have taken his name to make it a family name?

    • There is no way she would forget her own language. Even if she WAS held captive. She was in her twenties when she went missing and she was missing for 7 years. I can’t believe this story at all. I believe in the unknown and undiscovered. This story is fun, funny and made up.

      • Like the bible!

      • You can forget your native language. My cousin married a German girl when stationed overseas and they came to the States when he discharged. Over the years she became more proficiant in english and relied on my cousin to translate German when talking to family on overseas phone calls.

      • It’s completely possible to forget your native tongue. As it says in the article her brain has been traumatized and is no longer functioning correctly which could lead to forgetting any number of things, including languages.

      • That’s simply not true. I lived abroad for some time, 12 months in I found it difficult to recall English words I didn’t use often like “dressing table”. So imagine the pressure she’d have been under. Definitely possible to loose your language

      • They said that the elves use mind control and scrambled her brain.

    • Way to be

    • Wrong, you can be called after your mother too, to of my girlfriends names are Bjørgsdottir and Brendisdottir

    • 🙂

    • Hahaha…thanks for posting the REAL story

    • What are you on about? Just because a name ends in son doesn’t make them male?

      • It does if you’re Icelandic. Unless it’s a family name like Johnson, if you’re a girl your name ends in -dóttir.

        Also, this is complete bullshit, the first picture isn’t even Icelandic landscape, you’d never see those kinds of rocks here.


    • In Islam , we believe in elves or goblins whatever you wanna call them, They are called yajooj and majooj.

      A Hadith on the Story of Thul Qarnain –
      Then he followed (another way), until, when he reached between two mountains, he found, before (near) them (those two mountains), a people who scarcely understood a word. They said: “O Dhul-Qarnain! Verily! Yajooj and Majooj (Gog and Magog) are doing great mischeif in the land. Shall we then pay a tribute in order that you might erect a barrier between us and them?” He said: “That (wealth, authority, and power) in which my Lord had established me is better (than your tribute). So help me with strength of man. I will erect a barrier between you and them.” “Give me pieces (blocks) of iron,” then, when he had filled up the gap between the two mountain-cliffs, he said: “Bring me molten copper to pour to pour over it.” So they were made powerless to scale it or dig through it. (Dhul Qarnain) said “This is a mercy from my lord, but when the promise of my lord comes, He shall level it down to the ground. And the promise of my lord is ever true.” And on that day, we shall leave them to surge likes waves on one another, and the Trumpet will be blown and we will collect them altogether. ”

      Yajooj and Majooj look like this – The Messenger of Allah gave a sermon and he had his finger bandage from a bite of a scorpion. he said “Indeed you see that you have no enemy. But you will continue to fight an enemy until Yajooj and Majooj come out; they have wide faces, small eyes, and Suhb (blondness or redness in their hair) and their faces are like shields.” ….Their height has been said to be anywhere from as tall as date-palm trees to being so short that they are insignificant….I don’t think that hadith was authenticated.

      Yajooj and Majooj are PEOPLE! – They will resemble other people like the children of their kind from the Turks. The Prophet said, “Indeed Yajooj and Majooj are from the children of Adam. Had they been sent, they would ruin the lives of the people. One among them won;t die until he leaves 1000 (children) or more. And behind them are three nations: Taweel, Maaris and Mansik…Abdullah ibn abee Yazid said, “Ibn Abbaas saw children jumping on (or over) one each other as they were playing (probably like leap-frog) Ibn Abbaas said, “This is how Yajooj and Majooj will come out.”

      What Will Happen To Them – Abu Hurairah (R.A) reported that the Messenger of Allah said, “Indeed Yajooj and Majooj are everyday digging out of the barrier, and when they see the rays of the sun, the one that is over them says, “Return, and you shall dig tomorrow.’ When they return to it, it is as solid as it ever was. This will go on until their time arrives and Allah wills to send them to the people. Then they will dig until they see the rays of the sun. The one over them will say, ‘Go, and you will dig tomorrow Insha-allah (if Allah wills).’ this time he says Insha-allah. Then they will return to it, but this time it will be upon the same state as it was when they left it. They will dig through it, going out to the people. They will make dry (places of) water. The people will fortify themselves in fortresses, and the people of Yajooj and Majooj will shoot their arrows to the sky. Then Allah will send Naghafan (a kind of worm/fly) at the backs of their necks and will kill them with those worms.” the Messenger of Allah said, “By the one whose hand my soul is in, the beasts of the earth will go fat and find sufficient nourishment from their flesh and blood.”

    • Nobody ever said she was Icelandic, it simply states that she was investigating the possibility of their existence. She could be from anywhere.

    • Has no one looked at the images of her…… they are not very convincing

  2. Lol this is hilarious, I really hope it is a joke,because it would be a funny one.

  3. BLUFF! I think this is the plot of an Arthur Machen story.

  4. LOL…but….I know for a fact that hidden people excist.

    • But if they’re hidden, how do you know for a fact they exist?

      • That’s the joke………

      • “if they’re hidden, how do you know for a fact they exist?”
        man how dare you question his knowledge?

        let me show you:
        it’s the hidden people.
        can you see them? no. because they are hidden.
        you found the proof.
        they exist because you are not seeing them.

        now please, make good use of my shared wisdom.

      • Have you ever seen a billion dollars?
        Then how do you know it exists??


  5. dottir-I have a Swedish Great grandma with that name.I never knew to now,Thanks.

  6. So its those hidden people that stole my sammie last week………

  7. love your article… very well written and fun!

  8. Why are we being lied to. I believe in Dwarfs and Elfs, but why are we being told lies and hopefully ppl might believe in them too. Let Folklore be Folklore and let the Tourist come on their own.

    • A thousand years ago we thought the sun was a god and in order for there to be day after the next we had to sacrifice a human, 200 years ago we knew the world was flat and could fall. Off the planet, 20 years ago we thought there was no such thing as mermaids or underground bases so come on just because we where taught that these things are not real does not mean they never existed we just need to find proof, weve found giant skulls and skeletons on this planet why wouldnt we find elv`s

  9. Still more believable than Christianity.

  10. Luckily she had a razor with her so she could shave her bush.

  11. What a stunning young woman, its a wonderful story…but extremely hard to take seriously, love it though …

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  13. wish i found a naked woman running around my “elf rock”

  14. What a fake ass pic of her her titties are covered no hair on her legs i mean come on ? Underground people really!

  15. Acid can be a hell of a drug…

  16. Icelander here. That landscape the naked lady is sitting on is not Icelandic.

  17. There’s nothing so ridiculous that some people won’t believe it.

  18. hehe you ruined a great story…

  19. Is anyone else tempted to read Hour of the Beast?

    • yes! lol even though I think this articles topic is a complete fabrication, it caught me from the start and made me start to wonder if it was true! That tells me that true or not, this writer is good and I should most definately look into some of their other writings. 🙂

  20. This is retarded. There are such things as elves and if you believe in them you are an idiot.

  21. Nice story though…

  22. Well, the story wasn’t ruined, because it’s fiction. What was ruined is the ignorance that allows people to believe in it.

    Garry the Fake Anthropologist
  23. this story is bull shit as i see it how did she shave the last 7years

  24. 8/10 would bang… whisper sweet crazies into my ear!!!

  25. I don’t think midgets or short people like being called Elves. I think she was held hostage by horny midgets. So, now she is going to make millions after her magical recovery and sell her story. Then I moving to where ever she is to marry her because she is hot.

  26. Had the captive not been to the spa , had a shower, legs waxed and trim her bush, it woould be more believable…!

  27. Actually, this is a great story … fascinating and funny.

    • l was JUST going to post that article, thanks for beating me to it! ln these days of the internet, l find it utterly amazing when people try to pass one thing off as another and then expect nobody to do a little research and find out. You can’t fix stupid, l guess.

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  29. THANK YOU! 🙂

  30. I guess we know where all the missing socks go now…

  31. Actually, the picture of the stranded would be sun worshiper only provides more credence to the story; as it is a bona fide photo of a woman in distress and was not faked. So the story used a genuine picture to illustrate how the abducted anthropologist would have appeared to her rescuers, had there been a photographer on the ready and hanging from a different ledge. Had they been seeking to fool people, they could more easily have used a fake picture.
    I discussed this matter with my beloved Nigerian Princess, who agrees this is genuine, for it was elves who originally lifted her wallet, which is why she cannot check out of her London hotel, since she cannot pay for the room, and the hotel is holding her passport. $2000 more dollars, and I will have her hotel bill paid. Then she can come to America and we will split her multimillion dollar inheritance. Damn pesky elves!

    • I like this story better.

      • I like this story a lot too. Don’t get me wrong, I love well told stories very much. This one too. I just also like it when people know the truth. It doesn’t hurt a good story, and it doesn’t hurt the people. By the way, I am not saying that I don’t believe in the little people, elves or alike. I have never met one, I don’t know if I ever will, but until I don’t know if they exist or not, well I simply don’t know and am open to all information bringing light into this.

    • Hillarious damn pesky elves

  32. Id march in their with an army are soldiers and napalm flamethrowers. Torch the places to cinders and THEN see if anyone lived there.

  33. Southpark has it right, definitely the cause of missing underwear

  34. I wonder what the elves’ stance is on global warming?

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  36. Send them a carton of Lucky Charms, They’re magically delicious.

  37. What’s important is that (based on the photos) she was allowed to keep her cooch shaved….

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  39. I believe this, but I have a question for everyone looking at this a the people who made this, what else could be hidden in the earth that the government is hiding? this is no doubt true. ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS ARTICAL, LOOK AT MY COMMENT!!!!!

  40. do you have proof that there are no elves there? if you live next to it, you should know. some of us are here out of pure interest and now astonishment.

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  42. And in other news in Skyrim today…

  43. i know right.

  44. I know from Native America folk lore that there is portals into mountains… Now weather or not Elves keep the portal or maintain them is still a mystery.. She looks traumatized and the fact she was not wearing clothes does help her case.. Would need to hear it from her to make any judgments.. The important thing is she is safe!

  45. I need a date… In what direction is this rock?

  46. How about them trolls ………. O.o

  47. As long as her hair is brushed and her bush is shaved….thank goodness elves have human bathing commodities!!

  48. So stupid!

  49. Was she violated by the elves?

  50. I love how she has no clothes, has been missing for seven years and yet she still is perfectly groomed…

  51. ms. danish researcher where

  52. been digging.. really she’s nowhere .. does anyone have a link?

  53. no doubt she must have gotten gang banged by the elves

  54. ahhh i see what you did there, elves=dwarfs, 7 years=7 dwarfs, sick twisted spinoff of snow white..

  55. One word…ridiculous!!!

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  57. this story is cool it turns me on to think

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  59. Wow Einarr you are a gaint gaping asshole. If everyone sued the shit out of sites that repost content the the Internet as we know it would be dead.

    Elric Giantcoccsonn
  60. There are alot of facts in this story that are not accurate… I´m Icelandic so I think I´m qualified to say so… First of all… Snæfellsdalur? does not excist in Iceland… we have Snæfellsjökull and Snæfellsnes… but no Snæfellsdalur… We have though many cathedrals of elves, scattered over Iceland… And most of them are easy to reach by car… no need for the helicopter… and Bryndísarson… If her name is Eva which is female, it is very unlikely that she would have the last name Bryndísarson… She would have to be married to a guy who bears his mothers name… and that is very unlikely, since it is very uncommon in Iceland… And another fact, elves and hidden people are not the same… Hidden people are the same size as humans… they used to swap infants in the old days and they vere the same size so the mothers didn´t know untill later… And hidden people are more sociated with humans, sometimes they help, sometimes they lure them to their houses and people wanish… Elves on the other hand are neither… they can come in any size and they don´t care for humans… Except when we are trying to ruin their houses… We have a story of a big rock supposed to be moved somewhere, bu the elves mooved it back… But the government does not worry about folklore when we are building something here in Iceland, only if it is something that has some significance in our history… And yeah the pictures are very much not Icelandic… maybe just the one of the rock… but it´s not any particular rock I think…

  61. for a woman held captive to elves for 7 years. they sure took care of her supplying her with a shaver so she could shave her legs and pubic area…

  62. How Gullible can some of you be? 😉

  63. Ah! Another from the Sondergaard Clan miracle workers. She was only allowed through because of her blood, most would be killed or just incapacitated. Hopefully she can tell her story but she must do so carefully, as they will be always watching her… Get her a headcovering quick! You all are going to see a lot of these stories popping up, including among people you know, because the media will not carry it, it will just be overwhelming how many people you know in contact with the other worlds. You will only be able to call them crazy and you will only be able to kill them to silence your “crazy” loved ones. Come under the hebrew law for protection in Christ , go to TCAWW for more info at the Priory of Salem.

  64. And some stories will be fake altogether to try and discredit alien disclosure.

  65. This is a fabrication… the top photo is not from Iceland, I should know since I live there.
    Also, Arnor Guðjohnsen is a famous footballer not an employee of the National Rescue Service.
    The so called Elves of Iceland are also a fabrication that do not exist in real life.

  66. I do beliv that ther ecsisst things betvin heaven and earth. I have seen som much of these things. I a few month
    I start op to write a book about my life among my paranormal way of living.

  67. callin this utter bullshit

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  71. Actually, the elves or Norse tradition are NOT particularly tiny but tend to be around human height. Huldre folk most often appeared as beautiful women…but their backs are hollow.

    • I agree with you on the elf part, but there are also legends here about small people the size the article mention (gnomes).
      But obvious the article is a fine written hoax that anyone from Iceland or Scandinavia will be able to see through straight away (or anyone else with at least 2 braincells).

  72. i believe in god though i have never met nor spoken with him. i also believe in the proses of evolution and thus i think there is a possibility in the fact that creature of myth do possibly exist even if their looks and the why they act have been exaggerated over the telling of their existence.

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  74. Kenneth H Mosely Jr Last night I went to SAC International airport and I hopped on my buddy; s Jump Jet! We flew and landed on Lochness Lake because this jump jet not only got over there in 45 minutes, it also has the capability to land on water! We put on scuba gear given to us by apple computers! We dove in and had a good time with Nessie the Lochness monster! We had a blast fn around with fish and scaring the shit out of unsuspecting fools with cameras! Tthe trip had to be cut short because I have to work today! On the way back I saw the story of the anthropologist and the elves! All I could think of is those silly little shifty ass elves!

  75. According to most Icelandic legends, hidden people at large are human-sized and not small. The small ones are another, rarer race, and that one has no interest in humans. The hidden people use their gifts, their beauty, music and poetry to seduce the humans who will be added onto their race if they succumb and lose their status as humans. There are no legends on them using mind control however.

  76. Icelanders are forbidden to use the term elf when referring to human-size non-humans, as it is considered derogatory and may cause offense to what we call the hidden people. Since to cause their offense is to bring bad luck upon onself, Icelanders refrain from it. This is no fiction, my grandparents taught it to me. None of the folktales referred to in this story are real. The hidden one seducing the visible ones is a classic concept and many believe a segment of the Icelandic population are half-breeds. Half-breeds are characterized by excessive facial beauty. Their character is that of the absent-minded dreamer and they possess great artistic talents, such as the gift of poetry. The hidden people are generally not interested in the purebred human. It is only the half-breeds who are in danger of being seduced by them.

  77. Part-“elf” half-breeds are also more commonly gifted with being able to see or hear the hidden people. The hidden ones may chose to make themselves known and contact them not only in order to seduce them. When needed, they will ask those among the visible ones who share their genes for help. If they help out, they will be rewarded with gifts and good fortune. Such interaction is harmless to the partial human. Succumbing to their advances is not however, and puts the half-breed at risk of forever losing one’s humanity and become a full-fledged hidden one.

  78. silly story

  79. funny story..

    btw I typed the name Kalena Søndergaard in to google and guess what, your article is the oldest thing google can find with her name. If I were you I would tell the next time it is fiction, fiction is art and facts stay facts.(Not that I know if Elves or a midget human race exist or not)

  80. now why write a fake story when ther is so much out ther to talk write about?

  81. How can you determine from the picture that she is “perfectly groomed”? It’s not like it just grows down into a long tail…

  82. weird elf fetishes aside – I started questioning it when it said she was 31 when they found her. If that was the case she’d have to have been elf-napped at 24. When the fuck did she have time to earn a PhD?

  83. Everyone with common sense understands this is a joke.. We all know Man would have explored, exploited and destroyed this a long time ago.. The simple fact that the rocks are still intact and there are no vendors selling hot-dogs should be a testament in itself.

  84. weird elf fetishes aside – I started questioning it when it said she was 31 when they found her. If that was the case she’d have to have been elf-napped at 24. When the fuck did she have time to earn a PhD?

  85. She just popped some shrooms

  86. I am Icelandic and a true believer of elves or hidden people as we call it also. First off id like to say that this stor was really amusing to read although being from Iceland I could easily spot the small details which don’t add up. And the photographs except perhaps are not from Iceland. Also we have a website called íslendingabók, where only icelanders have access and there we can look up any Icelandic person who exists and has existed (from the time these informations were gathered) and see how closely we are related, therefor I can tell you that Eva Bryndísarson does not exist which further proves this story to be fiction. The belief is amongst a lot of people but we do respect these creatures so therefor we are not investigating a belief that has been with our culture for so many years. There is one specific type of an elf called black elves or something like that translated from svartálfar, they are very very short, and have this dark kind of aura and are known to be witty and even mean, especially if you provoke them. This is the kind I have seen, who were around my house for some time and I felt their presence before seeing them. You can tell by the aura or the light (or darkness) what kinds they are what they bring you. I’ve also met human sized ones who had this intense bright light around them, speaking about happiness in life. I am not saying they all are the same but these are the two kinda I’ve witness, svartálfar and ljósálfar, there are more for sure and do not think I’m crazy, I didn’t believe any of these things until I saw them, and I think it’s beautiful . Visit Iceland and feel the powerful nature and you’ll understand that there is something mystical about this island.
    Have a good day x

  87. lol

  88. hahahahahahahhahahahahaha …. hold on… hahahahahahahahhahaha. This story is so ridiculous, and so false it hurts. That ominous Elf rock is actually a few minutes from my house. Iceland only has 300k people, so stories like that wouldn’t go unnoticed. The names and people are fake, well one is a footballer…. and the word álfur is not an old Icelandic word for elf, it IS the Icelandic word for elf, there aren’t any old traditionally known elf writings either. Do your homework before you write such bizarre and pointless articles, which sadly some people do believe.

  89. hahahahahahahhahahahahaha …. hold on… hahahahahahahahhahaha. This story is so ridiculous, and so false it hurts. That ominous Elf rock is actually a few minutes from my house.. and a few minutes away from the county’s swimming pool, hotel and sports center I might add. Iceland only has 300k people, so stories like that wouldn’t go unnoticed. The names and people are fake, well one is a footballer…. and the word álfur is not an old Icelandic word for elf, it IS the Icelandic word for elf, there aren’t any old traditionally known elf writings either. Do your homework before you write such bizarre and pointless articles, which sadly some people do believe.

  90. Didnt anyone notice the elf in that picture with his little dingy poking out of his crotchless shorts?

  91. Reblogged this on ratedr4rad.

  92. It is a very great pity that this story is fake. I heart a lot about Elves and other Hidden Ones, when I studied stories about the Agharti world. On the other hand I think that we arte not alone on our planet. 🙂

  93. I will make a movie over this story, how a elves makes a women there captives and hypnotizes her that she even forgets her language.

  94. I live in Iceland and i can tell you….Arnór Guðjohnsen is an Icelandic former footballer who played as a striker. He is most famous for his seven-year stint with Belgian club Anderlecht and was the top scorer in the 1986–87 season. He is the father of striker Eiður Guðjohnsen. He is not in the rescue service . . . There is no-one named Eva Bryndísarson or Bryndísardóttir. .hhhmm… also, Iceland is not that big, if something like this were to happen, people would know about it….

  95. Hmmm, sorry to burst your bubble about Elves, but here’s the original article & source of pictures: 😀

  96. Interesting story. It made everyone sit up and question the validity of the facts.

  97. What??? Unbeliever here! Show me her pic!

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  99. They hide themselves in the fourth dimension.

  100. i will drive 105km in 22 minutes from now. The island is not too far, here we go. The elves are all around from inside down! look, you see!

  101. I was stationed at the Airbase there in the late 80’s as a special liaison to the Air Force. One of my men, Mark Fetter, went missing for 10 days. Upon his return he stated he had been captured by little people and forced to do manual labor like move rocks and make wool short pants. Nobody believed him and was subject to court martial for being absent without leave. He submitted to a polygraph examination and the result were that he was being truthful in his “elf” explanation. The Iceland government intervened and he was released without punishment. He was a changed man when he came back and was able to lift very heavy rocks.

  102. bitch went crazy, to much drugs.

  103. This is all bullshit .. haven’t seen this article anywhere in the news here in Iceland ..
    Just another media bull crap ..

  104. fake story

  105. In our country, philippines most people believes about different types of creatures especially when they live in provinces. I grew up in manila but when we visited my mums family in a province my dad and i have encountered seeing something tht is not usual. I could go on and on about this through my experinces from different provinces. Also we have a saying ‘tabi tabi po’ a way of saying ‘excuse me’ ‘pls move aside’ when entering or passing a territory where these creatures may be living for a fear tht there will be unforgiving consequences if the creature is not given respect or acknowledge. Last yr 2012 our uncle told us tht there was this guy who peed on a tree and his penis gotten big and swollen after he peed on it. Luckily we have some ‘albulario’ a term for a folk healer or medicne men who cured him.

    • Very cool, Ellah. I spent some time in the Fils. I went to Siquihor, which just got hit by the typhoon. They had a belief about a half man with wings that would jump from tree to tree. They also had a little elf like figure called Anito, I have a carving of him guarding my house. I visited a bruja who supposedly exercised needles and worms from my body by using an egg to draw it from my stomach. I knew it was BS, but the slight of hand was very good. The Fils are a good mixture of Malay animism and Catholic dogma. I love it over there.

  106. I remember reading about Icelandic names in a Tom Clancey novel that took place in Iceland during World War II. The heroine is Friedericksdottir or something like that. I also find it interesting as to how much ancient lore comes from Iceland. Remember Journey to the Center of the Earth was based out of Iceland. I must go there some time.

  107. Hahahaaaaaa, this is hilarious. And some people actually believe this. BTW, I´m an Icelandic elf and I dare you to come visit my cave here in Iceland 😉

  108. gee… did she wash her hair for the “pick up”. Its very glossy. 😀

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  110. Firstly, Alfar aren’t known for being evil, now Svartalfar i could believe, and since it says she knows this stuff she’d know the difference, not to mention that Alfar do no dwell in the mortal world they dwell in Alfheimr, of course i could be wrong, this is just what I’ve learned from things I’ve read and studied, then again i don’t really believe she came in contact with elves of any kind, and their not usually short, and trollish, they where very beautiful creatures, since it is part of where Tolkien got his inspiration then again theirs a lot of Norse symbolism, and such in lord of the rings but that’s another matter, interesting story though.

  111. wish i had read your comment before making my useless long drawn out one lmao

  112. A wonderful troll to incite interest in your book. It is obviously paying off. Nicely done. In other news, I saw a dwarf once. In my mother’s kitchen. It poofed.

  113. Just read the caption under the “hour of the beast” book image….it says that the author of the article is the author if the fiction book that has a similar theme– not a journalist.

  114. Reblogged this on Seraph's Quintessential Fairytale Adventures! and commented:
    Elves exist! Or at least some believe so. Maybe one of my stories might come true some day!

  115. mmmmmm danish bacon…

  116. R there cute like anime elves? Or just like another lord of the ring throll….

  117. Elve’s have psychic “powers” I’m pretty sure if you have that then it is also possible that ur race can invent razors and lotions and shit.

  118. Reblogged this on monkeyinthebush and commented:
    Interesting read. Tho the reason for her plight sounds rather creepy, but I’m a sucker for these kinda mysterious fairy-tale reads. But wait, then why is Legolas so tall and handsome lol oh wait he’s only human hurhur.

  119. Hey!….folks, have heard of “TALL TALES” ?…..we write those….if you are a member of Toastmasters International membership / non-profit educational movement , based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA, USA – for attentive listening, focused thinking, dynamic/effective speaking skills training!!!… circle of friends’ motto : “Be & Stay Awake! Alert! Alive! & Enthusiastic! “……..

  120. you rock!!
    Can I post a link to it from

  121. I think there’s something in the caves of Iceland, but it’s not the elves. Rather some natural hallucinogen they are all high on.

  122. sounds-ridiculous

  123. Reblogged this on YouViewed/Editorial and commented:
    WTF ?

  124. Wow, thats a lot of bullshit scrabbled on to one blog. But nice try. People seems to share it.

  125. You are all idiots.

  126. You could spend some time doing research and post evidence “disproving” a story like this, intending to demonstrate to fellow readers that you are highly intelligent. But they may come to an entirely different conclusion about your brain power.

  127. Hahaha, almost none of these photos are even from Iceland. This so-called miraculous saving of this woman is a) obviously not in Iceland as we do NOT have this type of rocks b) the Icelandic rescue teams do NOT wear outfits anything like this. (I reckon this must be somewhere in America) The rescue helicopter on the picture down below is a) NOT an Icelandic helicopter and b) this is NOT Icelandic landscape. I see by the comments here that there really are people (idiots) that believe this story to be true!

    But I sure hope the author of this nonsense (C Michael Forsyth) sells many copies of his book, and that it is better than this article. But I´ll give him that, he is funny, whether he intends to or not.

  128. Hahaha, almost none of these photos are even from Iceland. This so-called miraculous saving of this woman is a) obviously not in Iceland as we do NOT have this type of rocks b) the Icelandic rescue teams do NOT wear outfits anything like this. (I reckon this must be somewhere in America) The rescue helicopter on the picture down below is a) NOT an Icelandic helicopter and b) this is NOT Icelandic landscape. I see by the comments here that there really are people (idiots) that believe this story to be true!

    But I sure hope the author of this nonsense (C Michael Forsyth) sells many copies of his book, and that it is better than this article. But I´ll give him that, he is funny, whether he intends to or not.

  129. The story might be true but what do the elves have to do with it? Wheres the proof? I think its more likely she had found the One Ring!

  130. Why is everyone obsessed with her shaving?!?!? You can’t even see her “bush” because the picture was taken from the side. Also, did it ever occur to you all that maybe they staged the picture to show an example of how she was found? It probably wasn’t even from her rescue…

  131. her bush was aflame to them haha so they shaved it and kept it haha

  132. very intriguing, in Brittany there are tales of elves called korrigans, and when people spend soe time with them, they usually are dazed and incoherent, after for some time as they ar force to dance until they drop and are fed weird drinks… I have net met any myself but why not? there are very strange things in this world….

  133. It’s true! I’m the elf!

  134. Are you sure they weren’t just Canadians? They’re tiny folk

  135. dafuq did i just read?
    Nothing like getting stupid wasted and coming up with a kick ass story….i think she prolly just missed her meds…i mean come on….elves….really?
    haha was santa there too?
    shit i bet blitzen has the best herb!…

  136. I think this will be the best marketing for a new movie to come soon……

  137. Alchemy Classic

  138. How come NOBODY here seems to realise the articles he posted are just a publicity stunt for his book? Why humans? Why is it so hard to comprehend that?

  139. The elves maintained a pretty good hair care system for her!!! Look at her lovely stresses!!!!!!!!!!

  140. so is this for entertainment? why pose it as real news? why not just write a story?
    obviously you aren’t trying to fool anyone with a functioning brain… I don’t understand

  141. Of course Elves exist, who helps Santa make all the toys ????/ Next you’ll be saying Santa doesn’t exist !

  142. Good times! and reading the comments is just as entertaining!

  143. Did anyone happen to notice the face carved into the rock above her head or were you to busy looking for her crotch

  144. The woman in the picture looks Native American, the rock is sedimentary, possibly sandstone, the plant growing from the rocks looks similar to plants growing in a warmer climate than Iceland. It looks like it could have been photographed in a desert canyon – possibly in the USA. Fake

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  147. does this mean santa claus could be real???

  148. What a load of garbage

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  152. The elves are the Grey aliens!! This is one of their bases! That is why the government of Iceland protects the “elves”. The girl has no doubt been extensively brainwashed and experienced trauma based mind fragmentation. She was probably used as a breeding vessel while in the underground. Beware…. there are many dark dirty nasty things out there that go bump in the night.

    Escaped Area 51 Employee
  153. The true test will be in her new found ability to bake cookies and repair shoes.

  154. ok own up whos been playing with magic mushrooms here

  155. maybe she was just brainwashed by some drug addicts out there.. pretending to so called Elves or whatever…

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  157. Bjork is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and Icelandic ( hardly surprising seeing that Icelandic Women are amazingly beautiful) ….If she was an elf \ Hidden one I’d spend seven years in a cave with her at the drop of a hat !!!!!! Id move from Australia to Iceland permanently for the possibility or even half the possibility of doing so!!!!!And afterwards, the only gibberish you would get from me is omg omg omg omg omg img omg omg
    Love to yaz

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  159. What a cool thing, if only….. it may be weird or weirder. The thought of middle earth or at least a picket of middle earth just makes total sense to me. I am not sure why or how, just the thought of a middle earth gets my curiosity going to no end. We know there are caverns and early natives in the United States some 1700 years before the discovery of this country, there were indians that even had homes, meeting rooms underground and in Alaska tunnels from one place to another. And if you need mushrooms to dream and let your minds wander, what a shame and part of reality today was far beyond the dreams of most all at one time. Soon to send an expedition on a one way trip to Mars…… oh, that could never be …. that is the stuff only a druggie would think of as a real possibility in the Genesis project. LOL silly people

  160. I know absolutely everything about everything and this story is true and fake, but mainly we all have way to much time on our hands. I’ll meet you all outside for some of that ‘Life’ stuff 🙂

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  162. *Snerk* Bwahahaha! Now I’ve heard everything!

  163. For most people here, you should believe the icelandic guy. And if you really read the article, you should read the very last statement. It is said that this is writen in fiction. This generation really have some problems, you guys believe everything you read or saw in the internet. With out any second doubt, you jump right through it with the mentality ” its from the web it might be true”. I beliebe in the unknown kike most people. But seriously how ignorant people can be now a days.

    P. S. To the person that said bible is fiction. I hope you chose the right side my friend. Seriously what do you have to lose if you believe? I mean look at it logiclly, if its not real but you belived in God/Jesus, you did not lose anything, but if you did not belive in God/Jesus and it turned out to be true, you just lost everything. Think about it.

  164. Lets go there and annihilate the little fuckers… with gas grenades and bib bombs… just like NATO… kill the little people..

  165. Apparently one of the first words forgotten was “fictitious”

  166. That picture is so obviously photoshopped it’s sad that this has so many other arguments taking place!!

  167. No Danish woman went missing on Iceland in 2006, It would have been all over our (in Denmark) news if this was true

    Nina Christensen
  168. That pic of her doggy style was poorly Photoshop. Didn’t even read it since that told me it was fake.

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