“Night Cage” Cosplay Contest is Open!   Leave a comment

Could you look hotter than this sporting prison garb and fangs?

Can you imagine being trapped in a women’s prison where you’ve been turned into a vampire? If you can and dare to dress the part, you could win $100 in the Night Cage Cosplay Contest!

As a publicity stunt for the ongoing Kickstarter for the graphic novel Night Cage, Volume 2, we’re launching a competition around the story’s theme: vampires running amok in a women’s prison. So, ladies, suit up in a prison uniform, don your vampire makeup and fangs, and be as scary and sexy as you can. Then post the pic in our Night Cage Cosplay Contest Facebook Group.

Posting the photo constitutes permission for us to use it in our online publicity campaign. In addition, shoot an email to us at cmforsythwriter@gmail.com, confirming that the photo is indeed of you and that we have permission to use the image.

The contest will run through June 25, 2020, when the winner will be picked in an online poll. Models must be over 18 and all images must stay within Facebook nudity guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the email above.

You can get a feel for the story by checking out the Kickstarter video.

Night Cage, Volume 1 is already available

So get busy–and have fun!

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