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The Best Female Vampire Images Ever!   Leave a comment

By C. Michael Forsyth

Fascinated by female vampires? I’ve scoured the Internet to dig up the sexiest, scariest, funniest and weirdest images of lady bloodsuckers. The night gallery below features 230 dazzling paintings, smoking-hot cosplayers, comic book cover art, movie stills and much more. Some of the artwork comes from legendary giants in the fantasy field, others from unknowns toiling in obscurity.

Wherever possible, I have credited the artist. One of my pet peeves is that people routinely post images on Pinterest and social media ostensibly celebrating artists–but without acknowledging them by name. In many cases, I had to use Google’s reverse image search to identify the source.

Please leave comments about which images you find most scintillating, disturbing, beautiful or intriguing. If you have additional information on a picture or would like to correct a gaffe, kindly share. And if you dig a piece, do visit the creator’s DeviantArt page or website to check out other work. If you are the artist or copywriter holder and don’t want the image displayed here, let me know and it will be removed. Plus, of course, feel free to suggest an addition to the gallery in the comment section.

By Emanuele Taglietti

Anticipation by SYOSHIKO on DeviantArt
By Dorian
Variant cover for VAMPIRELLA Vs PURGATORI #2 by Kael Ngu
Mother and Daughter by Mircalla-Tepez on DeviantArt
Anne Hathaway as vampire from photoshop contest hosted by
By Aly Fell
Vampires take over a women’s prison in this graphic novel.
Vampirella cover by Alex Ross
Model Mahafsoun by Lillianliuphotography
Art by Matt Dixon
By Lucio Parrillo for Vampirella #24
Ad for Sexy Bites Custom Vampire Fangs Created by Foothills Creation
Vampires by Jodi Muir
Aurai, an art print by Mark Molchan
Amy (Amanda Bearse) in full vampire mode in “Fright Night,” photo autographed by actress
Frank Frazetta cover for Vampirella
The Kiss By Victoria Frances
The Witcher 3 Gwent Card Art
By Lucio Parrillo
Frans Mensink’s cover for the graphic novel Night Cage about vampires in a women’s prison.

by Bill Pressing
by DemiGirl
Vampirella by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
BRITT NICHOLS as Luisa Karlstein in “Dracula’s Daughter”
by Aaron Sims
By Alex Horley
By Andrew Dobell
By Anna-Marine on DeviantArt
“Van Helsing” cosplayers Bellatrix Aiden as Marishka, Hanna Elladore as Aleera, Alexia Muller  as Verona.
Photo by Alex Botsman  
By Popius on DeviantArt
By· @queenofhades
By Anne Stokes
Vampire Lust by CountDracula on DeviantArt
By Carlos Valenzuela
By Clyde Caldwell
By Frans Mensink
Angelina Jolie envisioned as a vampire in submission to contest held by
Bathory by DarkSilverStudio
By Felicia Cano
By Didok80 on DeviantArt
By Bruce Timm
By Didok80 on DeviantArt
Arthur stakes Lucy in Greg Hildebrant’s illustration of “Dracula.”
Tyke from movie “30 Days of Night.”
Baobhan-Sith by Christy Leigh Stewart
Autumn Reeser as Nicole in “Lost Boys: the Tribe”
By Joe Jusko
By Reyna Rosa Sangrienta
By Zolaida on DeviantArt
By John Blumen
By John Wigley Wiggers123 on DeviantArt
By Jose Gonzelez Vampirella Door Poster
By Justin B. Long
By Leone Frollo
By Gothic Dark Lady
By IamUman on DeviantArt
By James Ryman
Hunter By M. Matiagi
By Luis Royo
By Jeremie Fleury
By M. Krome, cover art for Werewolves The Hunger
By Matt Dixon
By Lucio Parrillo
Mona Lisa By Mike Mayhew
By Nicholas Bournay
By NikkiFreaky on DeviantArt
By Pygar on DeviantArt
By Sam Briggs
By Boris Vallejo
By StressedJenny on DeviantArt
By Brian Baugh
By Tim Vigil
Angela Bassett in “The Vampire in Brooklyn.”
By Tom Bagshaw
By Ulamosart Ursa Minor #5 Wizard World Philly
By Victoria Frances
Blood Bairn by Ryan Yee for Magic the Gathering Game
By videogame creator Julz
By Enric Torres Prat
By Viona Ielegems
By Viona Ielegems
Queen of Vampires Yayashin on DeviantArt
By Vshen on DeviantArt
Dracula’s Brides by Carlos Valenzuala,
Carmilla by Tim Vigil
Carmilla for Radio Times by Debra McFarlane
Carmilla’s Oath by Claudia-SG on DeviantArt
Character Emily Briggs in Cover Art by Gulliem March for Looker Number 1
Claudia By Pat Mills
Corpse Bride by Gabi Spree
Created for Magic the Gathering Game by Itsfish3
By John Bolton
By MagicOfTheTiger on DeviantArt
By Cristina Martinez Queralt
Dark Queen Guinevere Vampire Queen Fantasy Art for LEGEND OF THE CRYPTIDS
By Dongho Kang
Earth-Vamps by Brian Bolland
Efrem Palacios Art used in Clan Mekhet book
Elvira by Patrick Finch
By Emanuele Taglietti
Erin Wasson in movie “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”
Erinye by Lvcifera on DeviantArt
By Flavio Greco Paglia
Flossing Vampire By Anissa Espinoza
From Forsaken World, a popular free-to-play MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment
Frank Frazetta’s poster art for the movie” From Dusk Till Dawn”
Freaky Vampire Digital Art by Silvio Schoisswohl
Free wallpaper from The Vampire Chicks
French Poster for “Dracula’s Daughter” (1936)
From graphic novel “30 Days of Night” by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith
From Adventure Time Comics #13
From the book “Hunters Hunted II”
From The Moonlight by KatLouchio on DeviantArt
From the movie “Lesbian Vampire Killers”
From the Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night by Davide Corsi
From Worth website
Geena Davis in “Transylvania 6-5000” (1985)
Goddess of Witches by Jiyeon Ryu
Ange Maya as Aleta in the film “The Empress Vampire”
Harpy-like flying vampires Marishka and Verona from “Van Helsing”
Helen of Destroy By DarkArt on Tumbler
Created by
Created by Instagram @moon_elodia, a Columbian artist
Miriam Giovanelli as Tania in Dario Argente’s “Dracula 3D”
Jaime Murray in “Fright Night 2”
Jannette from TV’s “Forever Knight”
Josie Maran as Marishka in ‘Van Helsing’
Model Josi Paula vamped up
Vampire puts the bite on Kate Kane Aka Batwoman in DC Comic.
Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica in HBO’s “True Blood”
By Koveck, a digital artist and illustrator based in Spain.
By Karla Ortiz
By kalli-schulz on DeviantArt
Kirsten Stewart as Bella in “Twilight.”
KRISTIN BAUER as Pam De Beaufort in “True Blood.”
Lady Death and Vampirella by Fiorasolotop on DeviantArt
Amanda Donohue in “Lair of the White Worm”
From Little Shop of Horrors by Bruce Timm
Lena Olin as Maharet in “Queen of the Damned” (2002)
Lilith, Mother of the Evil by Chtuluh2 on DeviantArt
Scene from “Lesbian Vampire Killers”
Lily by Arantza Sestayo
Lucy (Sadie Frost) claims a victim in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”
Love Bite by Daveed Benito
Lucy Pinder and friend in “Strippers Vs. Werewolves.”
By Luis Royo
Ingrid Pitt in “Lust for a Vampire”
Madame Violet the Vampire Queen, a sculpture by Christine Elfman made of plaster and paper mâché
Marceline the Vampire Queen By Kuramachan on DeviantArt
Matisse by 000Fesbra000 on DeviantArt
By Michael Park
By· @queenofhades
Model Courtney Stodden taken by Coleman-Raynor
Model Ashley Glorioso vamped out
Model Dani Divine photographed by Scott Chalmers
Publicity still of Monica Belluci as a Bride in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”
Needlework 5D Diy Diamond Painting Skull Vampire Diamond Mosaic Cross Stitch Picture Wall Painting on EtsyUK
Nik Guerra productions Lucifera and Vampirella for FANGSY FOLLY
On T-shirt sold by Magazine Luiza. Believed to be by Brazilian Artist Alexandre Salles
Ophelia Overdose by Miss Overdose
Painting of Yutte Stensgaard from “Lust for a Vampire” by Rick Melton
Parker Posey in “Blade Trinity”
Pearl Jones from American Vampire.
Photo by CalvinHollywood on 500PX
Photo by CalvinHollywood on 500PX
Photo by Rebeca Saray Gude on 500px
photo by vtytiev on Instagram
Poster for “Amityville Vampire” (2021)
Rihanna fanged and nude in GQ
Rhona Mitra as Sonja in “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”
Rose by Mioree
Salma Hakek in “From Dusk TIll Dawn”
Sanjulian’s Cover for Deadwalk by Ron Goulart
by Emanuele Taglietti
Sister Janicha possessed by azzopardi666 on DeviantArt
Slaughterhouse by Klaudia Kotecka on ArtStation.
Sophie Turner of “Game of Thrones” cosplaying as vampire
Sukia, Italian comics series by Renzo Barbieri and Fulvio Bosttoli
Supermodel Adriana Lima with Vampire Fangs by TurlyVamp on DeviantArt
Tanya from Gothic Nights by Tim Vigil, colored by Neil Ruffino
Model on Tattoo website
Dracula’s brides including Monica Belluci feed on Jonathan Harker (Keanu Reeves) in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (1992)
The comic book heroine Chastity
megan fox as vampire by kittievampire on DeviantArt (Leigh Leeloo Lawson)
The Deadly Departed by AvelinaDeMoray on DeviantArt
The French Lady Clan, Ventrue White Wolf’s Vampire The Requiem RPG WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING
The Howling, Revenge of the Werewolf Queen art by Jason Johnson, Milan Parvanov (Yes. as in the movie, the character is a werewolf, not a vampire, but she sure looks like one at this stage of transformation!)
The lovely ladies of “Van Helsing”
The Turning by Victoria Frances
The Vampire (1897) Phillip Burnes-Jones
European poster for “The Vampire Lovers” (1970)
The Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place
By The Velvet Cartel
Valak the Demon Nun From The Conjuring universe by Georgina Lucey
Valerie Sharpe in “Dracula 2000”
Vamp Nadine by Serge Birault
Vampirella meets Buffy by Bruce Timm
Vampira Dark Goddess of Horror by Shayne of the Dead
Photo by Chazz Gold
Vampire from “30 Days of Night” By Aaron Sims
Vampire by Choe Heon Hwa
Vampire Fairy Demon by Takato Yamamoto
Vampire Mother by Jeff Jones
Vampire Queen by Christos Karapanos
From Vampire The Masquerade Dark Ages: Knights Of The Black Banner
Vampirella #2 by Stanley Artgerm Lau
Vampirella and Red Sonja (without her chainmail thong) by Lucio Parillo
Vampirella by Alex Ross (in tribute to Frank Frazetta)
Vampirella by Alex Ross
Vampirella by Stjepan Šejić
Amanda Bearse alluring vamp stage in “Fright Night”
By Gerado Justel
By Lucio Parrillo
By Mattia Tegon
By DemiGirl
By Bryan829 D on Drawcrowd
By Drazen Kozjan
Vintage Ad parody (Mad?)
By David Gaillet
Vampirella cover by Luis Parrillo
Vampirella By Lucio Parillo
Victoria Carlson in “Dracula has Risen from the Grave”
Vampirella cover
Vampirella Lust for Life by Bruce Timm
Disney Princess re-envisioned By Travis Falligrant on
European poster for “The Vampire Lovers.”
Aaliyah as Queen Akasha in “Queen of the Damned”
Veronica of the Archie fame turns vamp in Vampironica comic by Greg and Megan Smallwood
Dracula’s brides from the movie “Van Helsing”
Vampyros Lesbos by Jess Franco
Witch Monka, Devendra Dewan’s piece based on an Alex Horley drawing



In the graphic novel Night Cage, vampires slowly take over a women’s prison. Imagine ‘Salem’s Lot meets Orange is the New Black. 

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