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Is God, depicted here by Michelangelo Bunarroti, no different from Allah?

By C. Michael Forsyth

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A centuries-old controversy has finally been settled. Contrary to what your preacher may have told you, God and Allah are one and the same, according to a top FBI expert who has confirmed that they share the same fingerprints!

“We examined a fingerprint found in the ruins of the King Belshazzar’s palace, where the Bible tells us God’s hand wrote on the wall,” explained Roger Temworthy, who analyzed more than 40,000 sets of fingerprints as a consultant to the FBI over his 30-year career.

“We compared that to a latent print recovered from the famous Black Stone of Mecca, which, according to Islam, Allah placed in the Garden of Eden at the time of Adam.

“The fingerprints match precisely — every loop, whorl and arch is the same. I would put the odds of these prints not belonging to the same individual at approximately one in 75 trillion.”

The question of whether the two deities are the same has been hotly debated by theologians for more than a thousand years. Some Bible experts say it’s “obvious” that they are. Others vehemently insist that they’re not.

“To say that Christians and Muslims worship the same God is beyond naïve — it’s blasphemous,” railed a prominent Texas biblical scholar recently.

So many preachers have argued that case from the pulpit that a recent poll showed 79 percent of evangelical Christians believe that God and Allah are not the same. But the new evidence proves that they’re dead wrong.

“Fingerprints don’t lie,” declared the Reverend Herbert J. Furmane, one of 26 ministers from four denominations who recruited Temworthy for the investigation. “We wanted this question resolved once and for all, and now it has been — beyond the shadow of a doubt.”

Temworthy, who retired six years ago, admits he was a skeptical when the ministers first approached him.

“When they phoned me up and told me what they had in mind, at first I thought it was a prank call,” he recalls. “But after two hours on the phone they had me hooked. I was intrigued by the technical challenges. And as a devout Catholic who hasn’t miss Mass since 1984, I was eager to learn the truth myself.”

The “writing on the wall” Bible story is a familiar one. According to the Book of Daniel, one night the arrogant Babylonian king was holding a drunken feast, using sacred gold and silver vessels looted from the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Much to the revelers’ dismay, a giant hand suddenly materialized and wrote a cryptic message on the wall.

King Belshazzar was so petrified that “his knees knocked together.” (Dan. 5:1-6)

King Belshazzar freaks out when God’s finger writes on his palace wall, in familiar Bible tale.

The prophet Daniel warned King Belshazzar that the words meant that God had judged him and his days as a ruler were numbered. Sure enough, that very night the tyrant was slain.

The discovery of remnants of the wall in what is now Iraq’s Babil Province, made by a team of French archaeologists in 1973, made the fingerprint study possible.

“The key was the final period at the end of the sentence,” revealed Temworthy. “It formed a perfect print of the right index finger. And the fact that it was the size of my head made it very easy to examine.”

The Black Stone, also known as the Kaaba Stone, is housed in the center of the Grand Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The shrine is visited by millions of Muslim pilgrims every year, and believers often stop to kiss the mysterious stone, as the Prophet Mohammed is said to have done.

Kabbah Stone and shrine

MYSTERIOUS Black Stone, believed to have been placed on Earth by Allah Himself, is housed in sacred shrine in Mecca.

“The Saudis are, understandably, very protective of the stone,” said Temworthy. “But after two years of begging, pleading and writing, we received permission from the Saudi government to take a look at the stone, discreetly.”

Initially, the jet-black stone showed no evidence of bearing any prints. But when the expert applied a chemical similar to ninhydrid to its surface, the relic began to give up its secrets.

“The friction ridge impressions of an index and middle finger slowly began to appear,” recalled Temworthy. “It was like watching a miracle unfold. The prints were remarkably distinct. It was awe-inspiring to think they had been left countless thousands of years ago at the dawn of time.”

Temworthy displayed a slide of the look-alike prints for a side by side comparison.

Each person’s fingerprints are unique, experts say

“On God’s print, to the left, you see a peacock’s eye whorl next to this tented arch — and on Allah’s print to the right you see exactly the same pattern,” explained the expert, whose field is known as dactyloscopy.

For the most part, religious leaders from around the world are greeting the results joyfully.

“This is wondrous news,” declared the Reverend Jonathan Blavelock, an Anglican clergyman in London. “It means that all the conflicts between Christians, Moslems and Jews over the centuries have all been one big misunderstanding.”

A few ministers have refused to embrace the discovery, citing the .0000000000075 percent chance of a false positive.

And one adamantly rejected the possibility that the Supreme Being of the Bible and of the Koran could be identical.

“I don’t care what the facts say,” exclaimed a leading Baptist preacher in Mobile, Alabama. “Faith is stronger than any fact.”

But so far, the vast majority of Christian and Jewish ministers appear to be accepting the truth — and even hardcore Islamo-facist fanatics are keeping an open mind.

An Al Qaeda spokesman said, “If our experts confirm these findings — and I’m not saying they will, mind you — we may have to reconsider this whole Jihad.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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