Scientists Pinpoint “Hole” Through Which Noah’s Ark 2 Entered Our Universe   Leave a comment

DEAD RINGER for Ark found frozen in Antarctic ice 3 years ago.

DEAD RINGER for Ark found frozen in Antarctic ice 3 years ago.

By C. Michael Forsyth

CANBERRA, Australia–Just 30 kilometers from the spot where the mysterious wooden vessel dubbed “Noah’s Ark 2” was found frozen in Antarctic ice in 2011, researchers have detected low levels of radiation emanating from what could be a hole in the wall between our universe and a parallel one!

The discovery bolsters the theory that the Ark-like ship—which was found with the entire crew and all the animals frozen stiff—somehow floated into our world from one of many others in a “multiverse.”

The faint signal was picked up on January 3 by scientists aboard the Australian icebreaker the Ned Kelly, one of several that were racing to rescue the stranded Russian research ship the Akademik Shokalski, which was stuck in ice. The scientist turned over the puzzling data over to university physicists who analyzed it with the aid of computers.

“The radiation is closely related to terminal gamma ray flashes from an evaporating black hole,” revealed physicist Dr. Peter Jolloway. “It is something you’d expect to detect in deep space—not 450 feet below the ice on Earth. This is absolutely stunning. You either have to believe that there is or was a black hole in Antarctica or you have to accept the possibility that there is a breach in the wall separating our universe from a sister universe.”

The Ark, which closely matches biblical descriptions found in the book of Genesis, was found in the Wendell Sea after a section of the Larsen C ice shelf collapsed. This earthshaking news was suppressed by numerous governments to avoid widespread social upheaval and both Bible scholars and scientists were baffled. It was Dr. Jeremy Blinkley who first proposed that the ark hailed from another universe, one in which both mankind and most non-aquatic animal species became extinct. Support for that theory arose last year when a study of the mitochondrial DNA of tissue extracted from animals aboard Noah’s Ark 2 revealed they all shared a mutation not found on any species on this version of Earth.

RUSSELL Crowe as Noah in the new hit movie.

RUSSELL Crowe as Noah in the new hit movie.

At the time, Dr. Blinkley declared that the results made the discovery of the so-called God Particle “look like a second grade science project.” But the latest development makes that pale in significance, he now asserts.

“This suggests that at this unique location there is a permeable membrane between our universe and another among the infinite number in the multiverse,” the expert told a science reporter. “We may at some point in the future be able to send a probe through it or perhaps one day even a manned mission.”

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