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Six children in costumes trick or treating at woman's house

Responsible parents dress their children in protective costumes like these each Halloween.

By C. Michael Forsyth

SALEM, Mass. — In recent years, millions of devout born-again Christians nationwide have begun to ban their children from dressing up on Halloween night, hoping to protect them from ungodly influences. But that has backfired — and made the innocent tots easy prey for evil spirits, a top expert warns.

“Not putting a costume on your child on Halloween night is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible,” warns Vatican-trained exorcist Dr. James Huntingworth, a leading expert on the occult. “You might as well send them bike riding without a helmet or tell them to go play stickball in the middle of a busy six-lane highway.”

While few Christians complained about Halloween in decades past, lately many evangelical preachers have told their flocks not to celebrate the October 31st holiday because it has pagan roots.

“They say that it dates back to Celtic times, when it was known as the festival of Samhain, the Day of the Dead,” says Dr. Huntingworth. “And that much is true. The ancient Druids believed that on Halloween night, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead blurred and the spirits of the departed walked the Earth.

“Now here’s the important part, which these preachers forget to tell you: The Druid priests taught that wicked spirits would hunt for living bodies to possess. And the only way to foil these roving ghosts was to dress in an ugly costume to make your body unattractive. The practice worked and kept the ancient British islanders safe from possession for hundreds of years. And the tradition, carried on over here, protected generations of American children as well.”

In the wholesome 1950s, when Beaver Cleaver and almost every other child in the United States went trick-or-treating in costume, possession by ghosts was extremely rare – virtually unheard of, the expert points out.

“But in the last 15 years, as more and more parents have forbidden their kids from wearing costumes, we’ve seen a disturbing trend,” reveals Dr. Huntingworth. “Possession is steadily on the rise. In 2014 alone, there were a reported 452 possessions of U.S. children on Halloween night — and those are just the ones we know about.

“I investigated 27 of these cases and in every single one, the child was not wearing a costume. The children’s parents were all born-again Christians who didn’t allow them to dress up. Not putting a protective costume on your child exposes them to the very real risk of being possessed by the evil dead. It’s like taping a target on their back, or a sign that says, ‘Come get me.’”

Dr. Huntingworth is aware that, with time running out before Halloween night, the pickings may be slim at discount stores. But any costume that disguises your child will work.

“Even if you have to dig up an old bed sheet, cut out eye holes and call it a ghost costume, do it,” the exorcist advises. “Sure, your child may get teased, and if he’s African American, he might hear, ‘Hey, Tyrone, I see you’re a Klansman this year.’ But which is more important, avoiding some good-natured ribbing, or avoiding possession?

“If you don’t mind having little Billy’s body get taken over by the likes of Ted Bundy, or waking up the morning after Halloween with your daughter Sally standing over your bed with Lizzie Borden inhabiting her, by all means keep them out of costumes. But if you care about your child’s immortal soul, I’m begging you: please, please, PLEASE dress them up this Halloween.”

Although youngsters are far more vulnerable to possession, the expert adds that it’s vital for grownups to dress up too. Even the most pious individual can be taken over by an evil spirit — and indeed, the Devil’s minions consider it their greatest triumph to possess the innocent.

“It can be as simple as a zombie mask, a pirate outfit or even a cheap little Groucho Marx nose, mustache and glasses,” Dr. Huntingworth explains. “If you’re a modest, church-going woman, there’s no need to put on some revealing maid or nurse costume. In fact, a really sexy get-up defeats the whole purpose of wearing a costume — making your body unattractive to ghosts — and can actually invite them in. Just put on a simple Hillary Clinton mask or go as a clown if you’re the shy type.”

And while convincing many adult males to wear a costume can be like pulling teeth, the expert warns that it’s absolutely crucial that wives do it.

“Otherwise, you make wake up with Adolf Hitler’s ghost in your husband.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth. All rights reserved

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Had a blast on Halloween. Went as Captain Kirk, my boyhood hero. One gold Star Trek shirt = $15. One night in character as William Shatner = priceless. Here’s my impression.
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Church Ladies Possessed By Ghost of Town Floozy!   Leave a comment

POSSESSED? Four of the seven church ladies in this photo claim to have been forced to perform unnatural acts by a vengeful ghost. Their faces have been blurred to protect their privacy.

By C. Michael Forsyth

FAIRFIELD, Conn — Four devout church-going women say they are being hounded by the ghost of the neighborhood tramp they drove her death — claiming that she commandeers their bodies and forces them to engage in humiliating sex acts!

When possessed by the spirit of Brigett Hathwerd, the barmaid they ran out of town in 2008, the normally prim and proper church ladies squeeze into tight clothing, apply garish makeup and seek out reckless escapades with strangers. Halloween night is always the worst, and this October 31 was no exception.

“The next morning I woke up in the alley behind a biker bar draped over an overturned garbage can – completely naked,” confided one victim who wished to be identified by her initials C.L. “Every intimate area of my body was sore and my mouth had a disgusting taste in it. I have no recollection of what happened. But now when I walk on the street or shop for groceries, random men with tattoos will grin and wave as if they know me.

“I feel so ashamed. This is a nightmare.”

The odd supernatural saga began in the summer of 2008 when Brigett started to attend the women’s church.

“You could see what she was as soon as you laid eyes on her,” says a second victim, 36-year-old K.R. “The shameless way she dressed, with her bosom all out, the way she walked and the way men looked at her – including the married ones. They flirted with her and it was quite obvious she loved the attention.”

SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK: Sexy barmaid Brigett Hathwerd perished in a 2008 car wreck.

Within a few months, rumors began to circulate that the pretty 23-year-old brunette was having affairs with two married men in the church. Incensed, their spouses went to the preacher’s wife – who also suspected the vixen had her claws in her mate.

“We formed a little ‘committee’ and the four of us met over tea,” recalls C.L., 31. “We agreed that we needed to perform an ‘intervention.’ Late one evening, we confronted Brigett at her little trailer home. We said that we knew the kind of person she was and told her in no uncertain terms that we wanted her to leave town. I said that we had evidence that she had received cash gifts from one of the men and she could easily be brought up on prostitution charges.

“My exact words were, ‘You know, we can make things very unpleasant for you. Everything would be in the newspapers. The editor of the local paper is a dear friend.’

“She started to cry and was red in the face, which surprised me because you’d never think that little tart could feel shame. She started stuffing clothes in a suitcase, much to our delight.”

On Halloween night 2008, Brigett sped away from town – and blinded by rain, collided with another vehicle. She succumbed to her injuries in a hospital less than an hour after the wreck.

TOTALLED: Horrific aftermath of collision that killed Brigett Hathwerd.

The troubled young woman’s life had come to a tragic end, but her tormentors’ woes were just beginning.

Reverend James Sedbrook says that three years later to the day on October 31, 2011, his wife Carol – the only victim who agreed that her name appear in print — began to display strange behavior.

“We don’t believe in Halloween, so I was quite surprised to see my wife come into the living room in a very inappropriate maid costume. It showed a shocking amount of cleavage and most of her backside was exposed. She was wearing bright red lipstick and popping bubblegum like a streetwalker in a B movie. But it was her expression that troubled me the most – it just didn’t look like my Carol. Her eyes twinkled in this mischievous way and the smile on those lips was so wicked.

“Well, at first I thought she was just pulling a joke in the spirit of Halloween and I asked what was going on. Then she spoke and her voice wasn’t Carol’s. It was very sultry and familiar somehow, though at first I couldn’t place it. She said, ‘I’m going trick or treating. Maybe I’ll treat some tricks.’ And she giggled.

“Concerned, I told her, ‘I command you as your husband not to go out that door.’ She just smirked, turned around and left the house. As she strutted off, I saw how her bottom was wiggling and I recognized who this being was. My blood ran cold.”

At the very same moment, the husband of the fourth woman, 42-year-old D.W., was experiencing something eerily similar.

“My wife, who has always been very conservative, suddenly began asking for some very unnatural things from me in the bedroom, things no Christian woman would frankly even think of,” he reveals. “I reluctantly complied. The whole night, filth came spewing out of her mouth, I mean cusses that would make a sailor blush. The next morning she apologized with tears in her eyes, saying she didn’t know what came over her. This kept happening about once a week, no matter how hard she prayed or tried to resist. After three months, I knew we needed help and I contacted Rev. Sedbrook.”

THE HOUSE OF THE LORD has become the setting for troubling events, according to a preacher in the peaceful New England town of Fairfield, Conn.

Given what was happening under his own roof, and similar pleas for help from the other couples, it didn’t take the preacher long to put two and two together. He contacted a fellow clergyman experienced in exorcism, hoping to dispel the spirit of the town tramp. But the exorcist’s efforts fell flat.

“When I ordered the evil spirit to leave Carol’s body in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, she just laughed in my face,” says the Reverend Toby Lasbender. “To my horror, she dropped to her knees with a lascivious leer and tried to pull down my pants.”

The ministers are so desperate that last month, they called in a paranormal investigator for assistance.

Surprisingly, Dr. Dan Greavesby of the prestigious New Jersey Institute for Paranormal Research is not yet convinced the supernatural is at work.

“A disembodied human spirit does not have the power of bilocation – in layman’s terms, a ghost can’t be in two places at once, as the late Brigett Hathwerd supposedly has been,” the expert explained.

“This leads me to suspect that we are dealing with a rather typical case of mass hysteria. These victims undoubtedly blame themselves for Brigett’s death. Their subconscious minds may have created this vengeful ‘ghost’ to punish them.”

“Could it be….?” The beloved church lady portrayed by Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live might have an idea who’s responsible for the possessions.

If you enjoyed this mind-bending story by C. Michael Forsyth, check out his collection of bizarre news, available on Kindle and in other eBook formats.

Bizarre News Cover 5.

A TRIFLE INSECURE? Daniel Craig as 007 walks softly and carries a big gun.

In honor of the opening of “Skyfall,” I’ve put together this little Bond quiz. Test your knowledge about 007 and the actors who’ve portrayed him. The first person to answer all 10 questions correctly in the comments section will win 2 free Hour of the Beast T-shirts:

1) In what movie does Bond sing?

2) Bond cries in the movie _____________?

3) In which movie does Bond dress as a clown?

4) Match the 007 actors to the legendary actresses they wooed in non-Bond movies: Lana Turner, Mae West, Merle Oberon.

5) In “You Only Live Twice,” Sean Connery adopts what unlikely disguise?

6) Name three actors from the TV spy series “The Avengers” and the Bond films in which they appear.

7) The title of “Licence to Kill” is unique among Bond flicks because…

8) In what film does 007 first bed a black Bond girl?

9) What is the Bond family motto?

10) In which movie does Bond die?

PS: Leave your email address in your comment so we can get those T-shirts to you.

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