KABOOM! Contrary to what doom-and-gloom crowd has told us, millions of people will survive WW III, experts say.

By C. Michael Forsyth

Good News! World War III will be mankind’s last major military conflict and will be followed by an era of peace and tranquility, world leaders vow.

Meeting recently in Geneva, representatives from 152 nations, including the U.S., China, Russia and Iran, agreed to put the kibosh on warfare forever after the next Big One is over.

“World War I was dubbed the ‘War to End All Wars,’ and so was World War II. But this time we mean it,” declared Jonathan S. Alverham, special U.S. envoy to the international gathering.

“After a third world war, humanity will have had its fill of violence and bloodshed.”

Anoush Rafsanjani, the Iranian envoy, agreed wholeheartedly.

“One more big war involving most of the world’s countries and we’ll all have it out of our systems for good,” he said.

While at the height of the Cold War, it was assumed that World War III would mean nuclear Armageddon and the extinction of the human race, most experts today believe such fears are exaggerated. Experts speaking at the meeting say that it unlikely that the United States and Russia would fire their entire nuclear arsenals at each other, lighting up the globe, and in most current scenarios would actually be allies.

“We estimate that at least one in six people will survive the conflict, leaving a robust population of more than a billion to repopulate the Earth,” British military analyst Rupert Hillcock said at one panel.

“Their leaders will have learned their lesson about the ills of war once and for all and will build a civilization founded on non-violence and harmony.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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