TEXTS FROM THE DEAD: New Paranormal Phenomenon Baffles Scientists.   14 comments

The dead try to reach us using the means they did in life, experts say.

The dead try to reach us using the means they did in life, experts say.

By. C. Michael Forsyth

DENVER, Colo. — Researchers have identified a baffling paranormal phenomenon they’ve dubbed “texts from the dead” — and they say it’s becoming increasingly prevalent.

The eerie messages from beyond are the modern equivalent of those inexplicable phone calls from the dead that have been reported since the late 19th century.

Scientists from the Colorado Institute for Paranormal Research analyzed 132 mysterious texts received by loved ones hours, days or months after the phone’s owner passed away. And they confirmed that in 94 of those cases, the only reasonable explanation is that the messages originated in the Great Beyond.

“The slang and abbreviations people use when texting are as individualistic as handwriting,” explains lead researcher Dr. Nick Horn. “We were able to confirm with a high degree of certainty that the messages were indeed composed by people who were no longer living.”

In one striking case, a 19-year-old New Mexico college student was killed in a head-on collision after a heated quarrel with her mother. The last text the mother received read, “Soree mom. 4 giv me.” Incredibly, investigation revealed that the message was sent two hours AFTER the teen was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“There is no possibility that someone else texted the mother as a cruel prank,” Dr. Horn notes. “The phone was recovered from the wreck smashed to bits and melted.”

RECEIVING a phone call from a dead loved one can be unsettling, as in this "Twilight Zone" episode.

RECEIVING a phone call from a dead loved one can be unsettling, as in this “Twilight Zone” episode.

The dear departed are not above sexting, researchers were startled to discover. Six months after a Minnesota man’s fiancée died of a brain tumor, he received a sexually explicit text from her phone. Uncannily, at the time the spicy message was sent, the deceased woman’s phone was in a kitchen drawer, uncharged, and the account had been deactivated.

“The message invited him to join her in specific physical acts using coded phrases such as ‘play helicopter’ only the two of them understood,” says the expert. “Attached to the text was the blurry image of a nude figure that resembled the deceased fiancée.”

The first known case of what parapsychologists refer to technically as the “phantom text messaging effect” or PTME was in 2006 and since then the number of reports have steadily risen. In some instances a restless soul pours out a declaration of love or fires off a parting shot in the form of an insult, such as, “nvr lked U, A-hole.” Other texts are more mundane, such as reminders to pick up dry cleaning, horse racing tips, or the location of insurance documents.

INVENTOR Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876.

INVENTOR Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876.

While the phenomenon is relatively new, phone calls from the dead have been cited as proof of life after death — and have been a staple of ghost stories — for decades.

“The first phantom phone call was reported in 1886, just ten years after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, “ revealed Dr. Horn. “Three years after the Titanic sank, an S.O.S from the vessel was received by a Norwegian freighter, the first known ghost Morse Code message. The first fax from the other side was reported in 1987, a few years after the fax machine came into popular use. And emails from the dead began to crop up in the mid-1990s.

“The departed are always trying to communicate with their loved ones and they use the means they were familiar with in life. With every technological advance, the paranormal application trails a little bit behind.

“We anticipate getting reports on tweets from the dead in the next year or two.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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14 responses to “TEXTS FROM THE DEAD: New Paranormal Phenomenon Baffles Scientists.

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  1. My daughter has been receiving text messages from a friend that died a year ago. The deceased phone was disconnected and the number assigned to someone else. The text appears with the deceased’s name and old number and then disappears when she tried to reply to it. One message stated that “I am here with Paula and she is so cute.” My daughter did not know anyone named Paula asked her friend’s mother if she knew someone named Paula and indeed she did – she was an aunt of the deceased who died years ago.

    • My mother passed away on the 18th of this month , the next day I received a text from her cell phone that said ” MN “and another that said ” by ” . I don’t know what MN means do you have any idea’s ? I thought it might mean moving now but I don’t know .

      • MN is also an abbreviation for Mobile Node… A mobile node is an Internet-connected device whose location and point of attachment to the Internet may frequently be changed. This kind of node is often a cellular telephone or handheld or laptop computer, although a mobile node can also be a router.
        What is mobile node? – Definition from WhatIs.com

  2. I decided to look up this topic when the other day i got an odd text message on my phone.

    It read

    Did u contact ur aunt?

    My aunt has been dead for 7 years!

    What could this mean??

    It came from a phone number which is in existence but not anyone i ever knew.

  3. About eight months after a close friend of mine passed away, I began receiving texts from an unknown source. I say ‘unknown’ in that they would come across my phone as I was texting with another friend or family member. The texts appeared to have been sent by me but I did not type them. Then I began to receive unknown texts from the person I was texting with and they didn’t type them either. Whenever it happens, my deceased friend appears to be putting his ‘two cents’ into the conversation. Although our 10-yr friendship was volatile at times, we were very close friends, right up until he died. I remember the very first text I’d received after he’d died. I was talking to a family member about how I still had anger towards him for how he’d acted towards me sometimes when he was alive. Next thing I know, a text comes across saying that he’d noticed that I was still angry with him and that ‘nothing changes’ and that he just ‘deals with it’. I was completely floored! I’d never in my life experienced such a thing. He and I never texted in life but we used to email regularly. After he died though, I uninstalled the email app I’d used for his emails. So I goes he texts me to make sure I get the message right away.

  4. I’ve been getting texts from my boyfriend of 4 years, who committed suicide about a year ago. he talks as if nothing happened, like he’s still here. I attended his funeral and even keep in contact with his parents… I have no explanation and frankly I don’t know how to process the fact that this is happening to other people. should I continue answering?

  5. I had a dream about my brother, David, who died 23 years ago. The next day I was talking to someone about the severe difficulties he, my sister and I experienced at home as teenagers, and I became tearful. A few hours later my husband and I were texting back and forth. While awaiting one of his replies, I put my phone back in my purse and walked to my car. When I took my phone out of my purse, I saw my husband’s reply. I also saw, in the space where I would type something back to him, one word (which I had not written): David. He was saying hello and reminding me that he is never further away than my thoughts. Thank you, brother.

  6. since jan16,2017 my father has been texting me thru my fiances cell phone and i have had her phone sitting next to me when he texts but there is nothing in her phone in the im part to me my father has told me things i was doing at the time he was texting so i know this is real also he has taken her phone while she is sleep and took a picture of her sleeping and sent it to me i have kept all of my texts and pictures to show that yes the spirit world is alive and here and this experience has nmade me a different person i see thingsw much clearer and help others who have lost loved ones giving them hope and telling them to never forget that person in thier heart because you may hear from them one day with a text

  7. Yes crystal i would keep answering, my father committed suicide, i get messages from him too and answer everytime, its a good way for me to cope with him being gone but not permanently if that makes sense, theres a window that i am able to communicate with him through that makes him not be completely permanently gone is what im trying to say. keep answering. hes messaging for a reason

    Jennifer Chastain
  8. My name is Jessica. I have been experiencing something strange. When I text a certain friend (and we text a lot), I receive strange texts that she didn’t send, but my phone says they’re from her number. The content of the messages sometimes goes along with our conversation and sometimes does not. Most of the time she can’t see these extra messages at all, but on a few occasions she has seen them, and been thoroughly confused as she is not typing them. The odd messages are coherent, and can be understood although the content is sometimes strange like; “today is the day of the eye”. Other times the odd messages make sense but I can tell they are not speaking or discussing things as my friend would, like; “the only way I will come back is if you get these movies…..” and it went on, in separate texts, listing movies that I was to get so we could watch them. It only happens when I am texting this specific friend. I even tried sending my own phone number a text, it of course worked, and I left that thread open to see if communication might happen that way instead, there has been no change however. This gets frustrating as it confuses my friend and I both frequently, for example; my friend messaged me saying she might leave early due to the weather. Due to the fact that my friend travels a lot, I asked, where the weather was bad? Just trying to make sure it wasn’t in my area. I received a response saying; ‘Thought Boston was supposed to be calm’. I replied, oh, ok. So where’s the bad weather?. To which my friend replied….”Boston”. She couldn’t see the message that said Boston was supposed to be calm. I have no idea what’s going on here or who these odd messages are from?

  9. I wish my mother would text me. I miss her terribly.

  10. After i locked the office tonight i was in my car txtingy boss before i left as usual. I was reading my txt back to myself before i sent it when i notivced in the middle of it a part that i didnt txtvat all. It said, and i quote, “hi my name is chris and i am dead.” I dropped my cell in my lap and hauled butt out of there. I went straight home to show my girls but when i opened my messaging app there was no txt or draft. I didnt detete the txt. It was a long one and i wasnt about to do anything else bit gwt the hell out of there. What the heck??

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