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TEXTS FROM THE DEAD: New Paranormal Phenomenon Baffles Scientists.   14 comments

The dead try to reach us using the means they did in life, experts say.

The dead try to reach us using the means they did in life, experts say.

By. C. Michael Forsyth

DENVER, Colo. — Researchers have identified a baffling paranormal phenomenon they’ve dubbed “texts from the dead” — and they say it’s becoming increasingly prevalent.

The eerie messages from beyond are the modern equivalent of those inexplicable phone calls from the dead that have been reported since the late 19th century.

Scientists from the Colorado Institute for Paranormal Research analyzed 132 mysterious texts received by loved ones hours, days or months after the phone’s owner passed away. And they confirmed that in 94 of those cases, the only reasonable explanation is that the messages originated in the Great Beyond.

“The slang and abbreviations people use when texting are as individualistic as handwriting,” explains lead researcher Dr. Nick Horn. “We were able to confirm with a high degree of certainty that the messages were indeed composed by people who were no longer living.”

In one striking case, a 19-year-old New Mexico college student was killed in a head-on collision after a heated quarrel with her mother. The last text the mother received read, “Soree mom. 4 giv me.” Incredibly, investigation revealed that the message was sent two hours AFTER the teen was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“There is no possibility that someone else texted the mother as a cruel prank,” Dr. Horn notes. “The phone was recovered from the wreck smashed to bits and melted.”

RECEIVING a phone call from a dead loved one can be unsettling, as in this "Twilight Zone" episode.

RECEIVING a phone call from a dead loved one can be unsettling, as in this “Twilight Zone” episode.

The dear departed are not above sexting, researchers were startled to discover. Six months after a Minnesota man’s fiancée died of a brain tumor, he received a sexually explicit text from her phone. Uncannily, at the time the spicy message was sent, the deceased woman’s phone was in a kitchen drawer, uncharged, and the account had been deactivated.

“The message invited him to join her in specific physical acts using coded phrases such as ‘play helicopter’ only the two of them understood,” says the expert. “Attached to the text was the blurry image of a nude figure that resembled the deceased fiancée.”

The first known case of what parapsychologists refer to technically as the “phantom text messaging effect” or PTME was in 2006 and since then the number of reports have steadily risen. In some instances a restless soul pours out a declaration of love or fires off a parting shot in the form of an insult, such as, “nvr lked U, A-hole.” Other texts are more mundane, such as reminders to pick up dry cleaning, horse racing tips, or the location of insurance documents.

INVENTOR Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876.

INVENTOR Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876.

While the phenomenon is relatively new, phone calls from the dead have been cited as proof of life after death — and have been a staple of ghost stories — for decades.

“The first phantom phone call was reported in 1886, just ten years after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, “ revealed Dr. Horn. “Three years after the Titanic sank, an S.O.S from the vessel was received by a Norwegian freighter, the first known ghost Morse Code message. The first fax from the other side was reported in 1987, a few years after the fax machine came into popular use. And emails from the dead began to crop up in the mid-1990s.

“The departed are always trying to communicate with their loved ones and they use the means they were familiar with in life. With every technological advance, the paranormal application trails a little bit behind.

“We anticipate getting reports on tweets from the dead in the next year or two.”

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