HELL SLAPS BAN ON NUDITY! Near-Death Experiences Confirm New Dress Code   4 comments

IF you wind up in Hell, you won’t see scenes like this anymore

By C. Michael Forsyth

SAN FRANCISCO — If you die and go to Hell, don’t expect to see your fellow sinners being tortured in the buff. Lucifer has imposed a new ban on nudity!

That’s the startling revelation of prominent Satanist Jarvis Gretzen, who frequently communicates with demons during black masses.

“In medieval times, through the prudish Victorian era and up into the conservative 1950s, forced nudity was a highly effective form of punishment,” explains Gretzen, archbishop of the 12,000-member First Church of Lucifer, Angel of Light.

“But over the last few decades, mores have changed a lot. People are much less uptight about nakedness. Today, most people associate nudity with those clothing-optional beach resorts. It got to the point where people were sauntering around nonchalantly in the altogether as if they were in some kind of ’70s swingers club.

“Add to that, nowadays many female sinners are well-endowed strippers and prostitutes, so to a lot guys, the nudity thing has been kind of a ‘perk.’ And of course, that’s not to mention the simple fact that without clothing, the hot conditions in Hell are much more tolerable.

“Finally, we hear, the Master got fed up and ordered the change.”

Folks who’ve visited the netherworld during near-death experiences in the past few weeks have seen firsthand evidence of the new dress code.

“When I got there, I expected everyone to be naked as jaybirds, like in all those old religious paintings,” said Detroit loan shark Bob Fantolini, who suffered a heart attack and was clinically dead for six minutes before being revived by miracle docs on February 15. “Instead, most of the men and women were decked out in these drab, gray, factory-type uniforms.

“The white-collar sinners  — you know, like embezzlers and credit-card executives who charged unfairly high rates  — were all wearing business suits and ties. One poor schmoe asked a demon if he could loosen his collar on account of the heat and he got smacked in the face.”

The scene is a far cry from the one described in 1985 by reformed drug-dealer Tom Houldenbrook, author of the best-selling To Hell and Back: How My Amazing New-Death Experience Brought Me Back to Jesus.

“Everywhere you looked there were naked men and women sweating and writhing around in torment,” he wrote. “I felt like I was at one of those S & M sex clubs. At one point, I saw this blonde X-rated movie star who I recognized, equipped with 38-DD headlights, being bent over a stone table, chained down and whipped by a big, hunky demon. At first it was scary but after a few minutes I found myself standing at full attention.”

Miami con artist Maggie Wiltsby, 31, drowned in 2008  and was revived by lifeguards eight minutes later. She, too,  received an eyeful during her incredible journey to the other side.

“There were damned people being tortured all around me, but it was hard for me to pay attention with all these pimps, porn actors and macho biker-gang types strutting around, swinging their you-know-whats,” she recalls. “It made me blush like a schoolgirl.

“It felt a little strange being in my birthday suit, but I’ve always been pretty comfortable about my body. No one else seemed to be hung up on the nudity, so I was like, ‘Well, when in Rome , do as the Romans do.’ I stopped folding my arms in front of my chest and let it all hang out.”

Surprisingly, Catholic Church officials applaud Hell’s change in dress policy — a rare tip of the hat to the dark side.

“The last thing you want is people thinking maybe Hell ‘isn’t so bad’ or men having an attitude of  ‘At least I’ll see some hot, naked babes while I’m there,’ ” explained Los Angeles theologian Marco Giamatini, who has close ties to the Vatican.

“This step should help put the fear of God back in people and keep them on the path of righteousness.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth, All rights reserved.

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4 responses to “HELL SLAPS BAN ON NUDITY! Near-Death Experiences Confirm New Dress Code

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  1. Too funny!! Wonder if its true?

  2. Unless, of course, the universe is expanding. Then we have only about 100 billion years until we are crushed into a singularty… again

  3. This may be a response, albeit an ovrreaction, to the flame retardence required for infant’s clothing.

  4. Damn it to Hell! That kills it for me, Mike. No nudity, I’m not going. Can you imagine spending eternity in a friggin’ coat and tie?

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