This beautifully rendered, sexy poster by artist Martin McKenna normally sells for $29.

With Halloween around the corner, you’re racking your brains for the perfect gift for that special someone. Why not get them a copy of the acclaimed horror novel Hour of the Beast? And we’ll throw in a sumptuous full-color poster featuring the dazzling cover by Martin McKenna FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE. That’s a $29 value!

Just click HERE and order only the book. We’ll mail you the free poster with your purchase. Hurry, this offer is good only for the month of October.

While you’re at the site, you can find a synopsis and hear the entire first chapter read by the author – plus check out the Author page to read the 50 best Weekly World News stories ever written, all without paying a dime. That’s right. Zero, zip, nada.

Horror Fiction Review calls Hour of the Beast a “fast-paced, rip-roaring, action-packed, sexy college romp.” PS: at the site you’ll be snagging your signed copy for $4 OFF the Amazon price. This is like stealing, but legal!


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