"The Blood of Titans" is set in the golden age of Africa.

“The Blood of Titans” is set in the golden age of Africa.

My new novel has just been published, and it’s something completely different: a love story set in the golden age of Africa!

It’s the story of Halima, a teenage princess who falls in love with a warrior king. Enormous obstacles lie in the way of their happiness. In the course of their adventures, Princess Halima learns about loss, duty, and the high price of romantic love — and must make a choice that determines the future of kingdoms.

I was inspired to write it by my first real girlfriend. Though brainy as hell, she preferred romance novels to highbrow literature and so I began writing the book for her. I spent years researching ancient Africa, delving into arcane books on subjects ranging from religion to marriage rituals. Structually, The Blood of Titans is a traditional romance novel, and it includes nods to such classics as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. What makes it unique — and presented challenges when writing it — is that the story takes place in a very different culture from a typical bodice-ripper. The Blood of Titans unfolds in a society where romantic love is a foreign concept, where polygamy is the order of the day, and women marry when they are just barely out of childhood.

The reviews so far have been glowing:

“The Blood of Titans is an epic romantic adventure that hearkens back to the origin of African civilization, told with detailed eloquence… an engrossing and well-crafted tale. Forsyth does an excellent job creating Halima’s world with details so sharp the reader is easily transported into it.” — Milton J. Davis, Editor of Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology

“The lyrical language of The Blood of Titans quickly drew me into this richly textured novel. I could smell the air, hear the music, and see the towns and sea and grasslands and mountains. Every scene comes to life.” — Shauna Roberts, Ph.D, author of Like Mayflies in a Stream

“C. Michael Forsyth has charted new territory in the land of Sword and Soul. The Blood of Titans will carry you along on an amazing journey. I give it five spears out of five.” — Charles R. Saunders, Aurora Award-winning author of Imaro

The paperback is available directly from the publisher’s website

Kindle Edition (as well as the paperback) is available from Amazon.com

All other eBook formats, including Nook from Smashwords

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