The identities of Illuminati members are top secret.

By. C. Michael Forsyth

NEW YORK CITY — Eat your heart out, Julian Assange! A new whistleblowing website is publishing the top secret plans of the Illuminati!

The shadowy secret society is said to be the “unseen hand” that controls world affairs like a puppeteer, pulling the strings of governments and corporations alike.

The agenda of the centuries-old organization has always been a closely guarded secret known only to its members – until now. The new OmniLeaks.com, which goes online next Monday, promises to unveil the order’s ultra-secret 15-Year Plan. And the information dwarfs anything exposed by the infamous WikiLeaks.

“With all due respect to Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks, the data in those leaks was old hat,” declares Roger Grenway, founder of OmniLeaks. “It was no surprise to learn that many of America’s ‘allies’ secretly hate us or that Swiss banks hide the assets of crooks and dictators.

“By contrast, much of what we’ve gleaned from these Illuminati documents is earthshaking and will affect the future of every man, woman and child on the planet.”

The Illuminati's ulimate goal is to usher in a New World Order.

The Illuminati documents come from two main sources: The first is a computer file retrieved from the organization’s computer system in its Geneva headquarters.

“Our team of hackers had to penetrate 12 layers of firewalls and defense mechanisms,” Grenway explains. “Once the documents were in our hands, leading cryptologists hired at great expense had to decipher the 78,000 words of text, written in the legendary Illuminati Code.”

Many of the world’s most brilliant minds, from Alan Turing, the famed World War II code-breaker and father of the computer, to Albert Einstein himself, have tried to unlock the incredibly intricate code in the past, to no avail.

“After eight months of tireless, around the clock work, our team succeeded,” the whistleblower claims.

“The other half of the 15-Year Plan comes from handwritten notes on a yellow legal pad, accidentally left behind after an Illuminati meeting and found by a cleaning lady.”

WHOOPS! Papers inadvertantly left behind on conference table yielded vital clues about Illuminati plans.

Here are ten of the 57 Illuminati plans Grenway has uncovered:

1. USE THE INTERNET AS SPY TOOL. “Having made ‘social media’ universal and gaining access to the purchasing habits, interests and real-time thought processes of American citizens, we can now move onto Phase 2, a monitoring system not unlike the one envisioned by Mr. Orwell.”

2. BRING BACK DEBTORS PRISONS. “With the aid of the populist movement now successfully in place, pass the American Freedom and Responsibility Act. Citizens who default on loans shall be imprisoned, establishing a pool of inexpensive prison labor.”

DEBTORS PRISONS will provide a rich source of cheap labor, as well as colonists.

3. ESTABLISH NEW RELIGION. “A powerful new ‘Third Estate’ shall allow us to exert influence akin to our past control of the Catholic Church. Merging of Scientology and Christian Science to form this new sect will be a simple matter, as many people already confuse the two.”

4. LIQUIDATE INDIA’S COWS. “Retrofitting grazing land for use cultivating crops as well as distribution of beef will greatly reduce world hunger.”

COWS are sacred according to Hindu religion -- but slaughtering India's cattle could end world hunger, the Illuminati believe.

5. INSTITUTE A SINGLE UNIVERSAL CURRENCY. “Attempts to use paper bills bearing the likeness of any U.S. President must be severely punished. Suggested sentence: seven years in a federal penitentiary.”

6. EXTEND SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING. “Subconcious-targeted messages via television, radio, films and Internet are a proven success. Expand program to include computer games, thereby to maximize re-education at most malleable age.”

7. ESTABLISH A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. “Sinoanglohindi, created by our linguists, shall be the official language, accelerating globalization. Note: we must see that this is imposed more effectively in the United States than the metric system, our most dismal failure.”

8. COLONIZE ANTARCTICA. “A penal colony on the Seventh Continent, including volunteers released conditionally from debtors prisons (AKA Freedom Centers) shall be step one. Colonization will help ease population concerns, so that Protocol 273 can be postponed.”

Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth.

9. OUTLAW LABOR UNIONS. “Exploit the resentment of firemen and teachers that Member 72 has successfully fostered to pass a federal law outlawing collective bargaining. Reduced wages in U.S. will spur the global economy.”

10. RETURN MIDDLE EAST TO PHARAONIC RULE. “Having successfully engineered the collapse of key Mideast governments, put in place a regional ruler to restore order. This shall lead to lasting peace in the Holy Land.”

The time frame for these huge changes is not clear.

“We only know that this is all to take place within 15 years,” says Grenway.

The origins of the Illuminati are hazy. Many historians believe the outfit was founded in May 1776, in Bavaria by one Dr. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University, a former Jesuit, and devotee of Machiavelli. Nine years later, the Illuminati were banned by the Bavarian government for plotting to overthrow all the kings in Europe as well as the Pope. But the organization went underground and has continued to act behind the scenes, cooking up various conspiracies up until the present day.

MYSTERIOUS Dr. Adam Weishaupt played key role in Illuminati.

“The Illuminati have been credited with sparking both the French and American revolutions,” says Grenway. “It’s certainly no coincidence that the Declaration of Independence was signed barely two months after its founding.

“The organization has had a hand in every war since then, up to and including Operation Iraqi Freedom, on one side or another — or sometimes both.”

Signing of the Declaration of Independence marked one of Illuminati's greatest successes.

“Some of their efforts are well intentioned, but go sour as in the case of the French Revolution — they didn’t foresee the Reign of Terror,” Grenway maintains. “Their ultimate goal is the establishment of a New World Order. The problem is, no one outside the organization knows exactly what that means.”

REIGN OF TERROR: Some of the Illuminati's plots got a bit out of hand, as in the case of the French Revolution.

Some historians believe that Weishaupt didn’t invent the Illuminati, but only revived it.
Experts have traced the mysterious order back to the Italian Renaissance, to the Knights Templar, to Greek and Gnostic cults — and some even contend the secret society dates as far back as ancient Egypt.

The Illuminati have been hatching schemes since at least the Renaissance, some experts say.

“Our researchers haven’t nailed down the Illuminati’s true origin,” says Grenway. “Nor do we know whether anyone can thwart their plans now that we’re making them public. The power and influence of the Illuminati are unthinkably vast.

“We can at least hope that members of the public can make sound decisions based on what we now know is coming down the pike.’

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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  1. i am so tired of the illuminati i hate illuminati and i will never ever turn my back on god so to all u rappers that are illuminati i hate u and beyonce you should know better boy i tell you the things people will do for money i cant belive you lil wayne and so many people look up to you and youre a member also i will never buy another cd or listen to your devil worshiping music again i hate lil wayne jay z beyonce jennifer hudson lady gaga and all you other illuminati member dies and rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • excuse me miss. your word is “god” not “God” . and please, use dots.

      • You must be an illuminati member! Why get upset because Octavia told the truth, Guillermo? All of those celebrities know better, they are not babies nor children, they knew who God (capital G) is and still turned to satan (small s)! The truth always hurt evil doers, if I get down to my last penny I will never turn against The Most High God and those rich famous celebs (small c) are not happy rich! the false money does not come free in hollywood (small h) it cost a big price ahhhh like murdering family members, close friends, ahhhh doing evil rituals! Guillermo, it will not take much for satan to get your soul because I see you are down with evil doers and all satan have to do is offer you a date with lil wayne and you will go and satan will LHAO! LMAO now. You may be excused to satan sir!

    • if you belive in god, then how can you hate?

      • *God

        A brother in Christ
      • any human can do anything in the World because anything has a reason and god will forgive you god dont care if youre killer or leader of killers god just know anything has a reason devil punish people god forgive and love all people even illuminati but time will come where illuminati no longer rule the earth satan will lockup in 2000years and if he come out he will try to destroy god but fail and get eliminated

    • @Octavia,
      Hate is a very strong word to use, and for one who proclaims such Love for God, remember that He taught us to Love (Likewise, Christians are to hate what God hates (i.e. sin), and love what God loves (i.e. our fellow man). The phrase, “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” merely serves as a reminder that we are to love others while at the same time hating the sin they practice.)
      Remember that sin is sin plain and simple, it could be being a member of the iluminati, or it could be lying to your boss to get a sneaky day off work… We all sin…

      Romans 5:8
      English Standard Version (ESV)

      8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

      So rather than hating said artists, let us instead Pray for them that they may turn from evil ways and repent, that they may be Saved. Look for instance at Rock Legend Alice Cooper. Alice lived the ultimate rock star life style and would likely have been considered a dark and unholy man, but now he is Born Again, he is Saved by the Blood of Christ, so it can happen 🙂

      God Bless you

    • I would just like to say that its a capital G in God and any noun, pronoun or adjective involving God has to capitalized…thats because God is to be glorified but you can read the bible to gain more insight into the Lord. But I digress my main reason was to tell you that its not right to say you will never turn your back on God and also say [ever] that you that you hate someone [I am not judging because I too am growing iis Christ] I say this because we are taught in the bible that Jesus Christ is love and that hate is not of God because God is goodand hate is evil. Im not quoting the bible but if you read and study the bible you will see that what I am saying is truth. Once again I’m not judging you and I am not perfect…only Jesus was and Is… and I also have things that I need to pray about and repent. But as you should know Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. He is also the only way to salvation but you can study up on that. Feel free to respond to the post if you’d like to talk anymore and hopefully you’d like to because its always good to find other brothers and sisters in Christ to help support in their walk.

      A brother in Christ
  2. Selling ur souls 4 money isn’t the right thing.dont be deceived,eternity is real!

  3. Sound like a bunch of nazis

  4. Illuminati is the mask of roman catholic and vetican

    Prince muhwakanyi
  5. are these peotle knowing what they are doing.i hope they will find salvation at the right time

  6. if you are selling your soul to the devil, then the worst of a fool…………….

  7. D only way to fight them is to unite,just as d french did which slowed their plans down by revolting.but we gotta do it 2geda

  8. what the fuck. no proof. its another brain draining . dont belive on EVERYTHING you see.

  9. breathe easy ,relax and chill out ….it will all be well

  10. If the illuminate sees this, I have something to say: TAKE ME! i WANT TO BE WHERE YOU ARE, TAKE ME! TAKE ME TO YOUR SECRET PLACE AND LET ME FORNICATE WITH LUCIFER. I AM baphomet’s TRUE QUEEN. Hail!

  11. Revelation:14:9, Revelation 18:4

  12. 1. How friggin funny are you all including the author of this web page and omni leaks or what ever it is called. Julian Assange is from my home town so Far-q he’s more honest.
    2. Bible thumpers….God in Gensis the half Creator God the jealous vengful God, he/it is the son of Sophia, he/it is not the Holy Ghost he/it is not ‘The’ God but a flawed inferior God of which I am his master ( so are you but you’re asleep). This half Creator God is the same God in the Quran Torah and NT.
    3. Conspiracy geeks the Illuminated ones are not the people who you speak, they are not the enemy, they are not the ones you claim.
    4. This fad with the illumanti in entertainment is just a marketing ploy to make you rebel and buy.
    5. The single eye in a single pyramid represents the third eye in all humans. This would be the penial glad or our Sprits eye.

  13. i like it and if there is a means i will assure u all dat i can not turn my back on it

  14. forever and ever illuminati you will not survive in Gods name
    and you Rihana you think that the devil ewill do you the best but you will end up suffering alone plus all those like Mark Arthony ,Lil wayne ,Jazy aND OTHERS plus Pope Benedict 16 die forever your system of the galactic federation and new world order will be brushed away by God

  15. illuminati is the sign of the end of the world. the word says “devils come in to the world upto they looks like lightened angel in the end of the world”. please ‘be a man’ don’ follow devils

    • Looks like some people were made to just fulfill the prophesy. I bet my own life that God is the overall strength. Nothing from man can beat God. I know lots of deceived people will burn forever in hell.

  16. i would luv 2 knw more tinx abt ds illuminati

    • It is all evil, satan doings. Those insane celebs are living a fantasy, the real rich life is in Heaven. If you really want to no more about it just type in illuminati news and search about those famous celeb of demons, also go on youtube. I found some shocking information about Martin Luthar King, that man was a demon, I typed in my search Martin Luthar King illuminati and you won’t believe what I read, I am happy I never marched for that demon and his wife Coretta was no good, she was for gays and lesbians, the rumor is Bernice King is bi-sexual. Whatever celeb you want to know about just type in their name with the word illuminati, also check out celebs bohemian grove. I hope and pray this answers your question because God is angry at the wicked everyday, none of those celebrity folks worship our Heavenly Father but they worship their false god which is satan. God Bless

  17. Alright people listen up. NONE OF YOU know who God is or what His intentions are. If you did then you wouldn’t HATE anyone for ANYTHING. You are allowed to be angry but to hate? THAT IS NOT THE WAY OF GOD! God is about love and compassion. You also have no right to pass JUDGEMENT. Telling them that they will burn forever is NOT ours to pass. We need to feel sorry for these people for they ARE under Satan’s influence. Only GOD can break them from their unseen bondage. There are rumors of Illuminati mind-control circulating the internet. Now for those of you who think ME to judge, you are wrong. I am CORRECTING you. I may be disqualified from passing judgement do to my sins but that in NO WAY disqualifies me from correcting people. Another thing, the Bible does NOT support the subject on “hell”. When the Bible was FIRST translated into english back in the 1500’s the very definition of hell meant “grave”. What the Bible DOES support is that when you do die you seise to exist for a short period of time. Now this is where Jesus comes in, the world will be ruled by Christ (the 2nd coming). In His rule He will RESURRECT the dead for a second chance to learn the TRUE WAYS of God. ALL whoever lived and died will get a second chance. Thats right ALL, including Hitler. Even the folks of Sodom and Gammorah. For those you who cannot put the peices together think about the definition of “MORTAL”. The Bible DOES NOT SAY when you die your existence continues elsewhere, THAT CONTRADICTS THE VERY DEFINITON OF MORTALITY!!! A merciful and loving God WOULD NOT TORTURE YOU! He will simply put you out of your misery. The Bible DOES NOT contradict itself, it is MAN who contradicts the Bible. There is more I can share but it would take books to write everything I know and I’m typing with an XBox contoller as you can probably imagine that this small message took me over an hour to write.

    • Anonymous, do you know who God is? First off, I know who God is and I also know God is angry at the wicked everyday and his intentions are his intentions. No one said anything about hate toward anyone, and as far as the Judgement of God, everyone who has ever bowed down to satan for money and worshipped their false gods have already been judged in the eyes of Most High GOD because they chose satan for their god, though they will have a chance to repent, there will yet be those stupid ones that will not repent. And no I don’t feel sorry for stupid individuals who has and always had rights to read the KING JAMES VERSION HOLY BIBLE, those evil people like eastern stars and masons no better, they are not babies nor a child! I do however feel sorry for small children that are being lead astray by their money hungry parents, getting them involved with the entertainment industry! You need to correct what you stated about feeling sorry for satan doers, satan laugh at people that feel sorry for his doers and he then bring attacks upon the sorry feeling ones of his helpers! I am and have always been a true believer of our MOST HIGH GOD, you may want to rethink what you have stated. GOD BLESS YOU for real.

      • That is the sound of a judgement call. Are you passing judgement upon them? The children that are being lead astry you speak of has been on-going for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. You mean to tell me that you don’t feel sorry for the misled adult who was born into that evil society? You do not know those people or what they are going through. You obviously didn’t read some of the previous comments before my own. There are people who “hate the person instead of the sin” that is obviously not the way of God. The day of judgement has yet to come so no they have not been judged. God DOES know who will be judged but to say that it is done is error. People need to stop bashing the King James version, any english translation after King James has been deluded with false interpretations and erroronus assumptions. Yes I admit that there are some errors in King James but those errors do not compare to those prior. However, it IS written “the whole world will be decieved” and granted people are beginning to open their eyes to the Illuminati’s schemes but that in NOWAY means people are waking up to the true message of the Father and Christ. Do you know the message proclaiming the coming kingdom of God? Not many do. This pivital piece of truth is MORE important than getting to know your enemy who is Satan. You cannot go to “church” expecting to learn about the message, instead you get deluded speech about the messenger. Satan has long infiltrated “churches”. If you think Satan doesnt spread false doctrines in Christ’s name, you have been decieved.

      • Anonymous, for thousands of years it is parents that should have raised their children up righteously. And I never said I judged anyone, no one can fool God up above and as long as parents allow their children to worship satan doers, they will continually get lead astray, each person on this earth is responsible for their own doings! God created his earth perfect and the King James Holy Bible made no mistakes, as far as you stated about false doctrine, I advise millions of people to stop worshipping false prophets! That is why The Holy Bible reads “Be aware of false prophets coming in sheep clothing” that is all you see on tv are false prophets, most ministers are masons and eastern stars! I never said I hated no one, but I do dislike how grown folks turned against God up above for satan and no man can serve two masters, so who do you worship and serve Anonymous, God up above, or satan and his doers? No, I donot feel sorry for not one adult that joined satan organizations because no one had a gun to their head making them commit to satan, futhermore they did their own doings. My mother raised me as a single parent we was very poor, but God up above provided everything, not satan, satan is a liar and sucking in as many weak minded souls as he possibly can, the ending of time is very near Anonymous and stupid people will see with their own eyes how real God and his Son Jesus is compared to satan, people that are rich on earth is not really rich because God did not give it to them, satan did it, why is it that each celebrity have to be used for a sex slave for satans money and performing evil rituals? because it is not God doings. If God wanted any and everyone to be rich money would fall from the sky 24/7, the real rich life is in Heaven, we all are living on borrowed land and that is why total destruction will soon take place so that God can create a new Heaven and a new Earth, satan corrupted everything on Gods Earth, even the people. There will only be 7000 chosen ones that will not bow to satan. The Most High God Said, “Heaven And Earth Will Surely Pass Away, But My Word Will Stand Forever”, keep in mind Anonymous, that The Most High God is perfect, he don’t make no mistakes(Amen)

      • Do you really think that nobody had a gun held to their head? What do you know? That is EXACTLY what is going to happen when the New World Order comes into effect. If you do not accept satan and his doctrines they will kill you. This goes on in these occultic societies and pretty soon they’re gonna push their methods on the rest of the world. It will be a dog eat dog world. I want NO PART of that. I would rather be dead than to serve satan. Those within the occult who renouce satan usually end up dead, just look at John Lennon, JFK, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, Tupac, Biggie, Chris Benoit, Heath Ledger, and the list goes on and on and on. These people broke the satanic oath and died for it. Children who are brought up in the occult on in to adulthood have been through sick and twisted experiences. They’ve had to KILL in order to stay alive. So to say “nobody held a gun to their heads” is a faulty assumption. Somebody WAS holding a gun to their heads and sub-consciencly somebody still is. I feel sorry for that. I pity them young or old. Only our Father and Jesus Christ who are in Heaven can cleanse and bring peace to their hearts. And just remember the Illuminati controls the media so you will not find any coverage regarding these practices at any major media site. What you need to do is look up “Svali” educate-yourself.org . This person knows what the occult is like. When you read it you will get the idea that somebody IS holding a gun saying, “If you leave, we will kill you” or “pledge you legions to satan or die”. As a child you don’t know what to think but as an adult you’re scared that if you leave somebody will be sent to hunt you down. Just trying to put things into perspective here.

  18. Pls kip us update wt all der plans.nd may almighty God help us in jesus name amen

  19. I LOVE my Father In Heaven and I commit myself unto Him.. I love You LORD.. ❤

  20. Okies people. Just a little bit of a HEY WAKE UP moment.
    I may not be the smartest person in the world, or the richest, or heck, for that matter, the humblest. But that is besides the point.
    The Illuminati IS REAL. They WILL kill, they WILL steal, they WILL DENOMINATE US THROUGH FEAR. Fear is their weapon, fear will kill men, women, and children alike. We will be liken unto BEASTS of the Earth to them. They will DENOMINATE the ENTIRE world with an IRON and BLOODY fist, killing, stealing, and TERRORIZING the PLANET. They will plunge the world into war, killing the smartest that WILL NOT SUBMIT off. They will DECIMATE the population.
    They will start with the old, and the young. They will put soft metals, (alluminum, etc) into our water, our food, telling us it is for our own good. It will make them go mad, loose their minds. The old will die off, leaving the young and the middle-aged without the wisdom of the old, and wise. Without this wisdom, they will go astray, being led by the popular and most influencial people on the planet. THEY WILL RULE US IF WE SUBMIT!

  21. Those evil doers for satan are trying everything to take Godly ones down, from tv, music, food products, and medications. They even have physicians taking people out now because most physicians are masons, and you may be surprised to know that some nurses are corrupt eastern stars, there are so many evil doers on earth that believe in satan, and we must not fear evil but fear GOD up above. Regardless to how hard times get, we may parish due to not taking the evil mark of the beast RFID chip. But trust me GOD will provide, I will not take no freaking chip implanted under my skin, I rather die first, why not? Jesus died for us and our sins. TV is one of the nations worst killers because viewers are being brained washed to believe all types of evil that they see on tv, each time millions of home viewers watch stuff on tv like the Christopher Donar murders, or way back to the OJ Simpson case, the government has rack up billions of dollars and they continue to setup more murder plots for the public eyes to view in on tv, just like innocent children and people come up missing and never found, WAKE UP PEOPLE! the illuminati is all behind this and they prey on blood sacrifices. If you notice, there has been nothing else said about the Christopher Donar murders, why was the parents of Christopher Donar never heard of? Look back on the murder of Michael Jackson, it was strange that not one of his relatives was not by his bed side when his sickness first took place(illuminati) Look back on the murder of Whitney Houston, it is strange that after her murder to a sudden her family began a tv show called The Houstons On Our Own and her mother Cissy now has a book published, it is my belief that Whitney’s family members sacrificed her and many others like Clive Davis, Ray J, his sister Brandy, even to president Obama either knew about or was a part of the sacrifice of Whitney Houston even Madonna knew about Whitney’s murder, remember the halftime presentation that Madonna performed, and there was a W in the center of a symbol? even Whitney herself knew that her death contract had expired, she was no more use to the illuminati after they set her up years ago by supporting her drug habit, a long story people. You would be surprised to know that Obama and other Presidents are not who you think they are, each of those Masonic Mason Presidents are GAY! yes, yes, and yes and their first ladies are not who you really think they are but I can not go into detail, there is something very personal that would shock you as to what each first lady in that White House has gone through or is going through, they must take it to their grave people, shhh. I have had so many dreams about certain celebrities forehand and afterwards the dreams have come true, one was about Nick Cannon, another dream I had about Whitney Houston after her death, one dream about Rhianna, I had a dream about two so called gospel singers, Mary Mary and you want believe what I dreamed about those two women, I had a stunning dream about Beyonce, yes, and finally I dreamed about Babyface. You see people, who really believe in God up above, and once dreamed of becoming famous it was never meant by God and now I am so happy I never became famous. I could take a polygraph test and pass with flying colors about the dreams I had of the celebrities I’ve named, not last but least I had already dreamed that Barack Obama would be President before he was nominated, I am not looking for no publicity at all but everything I’ve stated about the celebrity dreams are true, finally I dreamed about what will happen in the last days and I’ve warned my husband to get ready, people it will be something this world has never seen before! You no, there are so many people that are locked into careers that was never meant for them, did God want each of us to really do the careers we chose to do? think about that; GOD BLESS TO ALL

  22. Anonymous, I have had deceased family memebers that was involved in false organizations and no one held a gun to their heads, ok. I know that no one can make someone want to become rich! Stick to the facts here, the New World Order is already here, where have you been? You say that righteous people will be killed if they donot accept satan, if this is the case God will protect his chosen ones, no doubt, now, from past older celebrities their bloodlines where created for their future generations, but there are new comers that did not have to join the illuminati, which relates to what you ask me, do I really no if someone had a gun held to their heads? No, they did not. When a person signs an entertainment contract agreement it is their own doings, they know right from wrong, so they want to be rich and they must pay the big price of satan, death my friend. So don’t ask me what I know, God know that those people did not have to do what they did. Do your research of what God wants, and you also stated that celebrities had to kill in order to stay alive, well, well, and well, I guess they never read the Holy Bible in Exodus which reads Thou Shalt Not Kill. If stupid people stay away from satans evil doings like the illuminati and wanting to be rich, they will not have to worry about guns being put to their heads, and it might would be a better world, that’s what this is all about people wanting to be rich but too stupid to see that satan is killing them slowly with mind control. You aren’t telling me nothing new about the media friend, read the comments I made about tv home viewers. And you tell me, how can God bring peace to ones heart that have already given their soul to satan, with demons involved? I no someone right now that gave their soul to satan, and was a minister mason and have to sleep with his lights on all night but he wants God to hear him, because he’s suffering from Alzheimers, God plays second to no one. Let me ask you this Anonymous, You say you feel sorry for those people if a gun is held to their heads, right, Do you think they will feel sorry for your ass if a gun is held to your head, once the new world order start like you claim? No they will not, because they are down for satan doings, the occult have those peoples mind to think deadly and sexually. When the media talks about children being gunned down or people in general, how many celebrities on tv say they are so sorry the people/children that was killed, or have celebrities start foundation to find killers? Now, when Travon Martin was murdered the media made a big deal, and you no why? because Travon’s daddy is a mason and he owed the killer’s dad a favor, it was planned, Why do you think Travons mother stated it was a mistake? Why come the media did not make a deal of it when many other children have been murdered? Practice what you preach Anonymous, and I feel sorry for stupid people that allow themselves to feel sorry for the stupid, just like a dummy riding on a dummy. May God Bless You, Your Mind And Soul.

    • You have said some down right ignorant, arrogant nonsense trying to boost your pride as if you are better than most. A true follower of God will do no such thing. Call me stupid will you? You claim to be religious? Such appropriate tone… Just admit you know NOTHING. You maybe better up-to-date on what goes on in the world than I am but uhh… how goes your Bible studies? Could you tell me the meaning of life? Why we exist? What our purpose is? Who are we? What are we? Why are we? Does it make any difference which days we observe- or rather we keep them? Does the Bible establish whether we are to keep certain days Holy to God? Where these days given to ancient Israel only? Are they binding today only on Jewish people, while Christians are commanded to keep holidays such as Christmas? Why is the worlds best-selling book held in awe by some, in passive discredit by others and understood by virtually none? Could it be that the real gospel message Christ brought from Heaven revealed the missing dimension of the purpose of our existence- but was it suppressed? Does the Bible establish Sunday as the LORD’S DAY? Was the Sabbath Day given to the Jewish people only? What does it mean to be “born again”? What is it that science cannot discover about the human mind? What is FAITH? If you can answer all of these questions correctly and live by them, then I am all ears for you. I suggest writting them down and get studying, cause I have no faith in you being able to answer. Knowing the answers to these CRUCIAL questions are whats going to save you, its gonna take ALOT MORE than just believing that Jesus came and died for you, its not that simple. I pray that you find the answers cause you are gonna need them. God Bless.

  23. You sound like a ragging lunitick Anonymous. The truth of the fact is you no nothing about God nor The Holy Bible, my pride is in and with God up above and I am religious for my Most High God, you nor satan doers can change that. If you was a true follower of God you would not speak for evil doers, and I know a whole lots, one thing is that, you are the most stupidest, no business minded, junkyard insecured person I have ever responded to on this website. You need to learn who God really is and your asking me to answer such questions when you don’t no what they mean, do ya? Can you tell me why evil doers worship satan, Solomon and his temple and not God? We was created through Adam and Eve, and as far as your other nonsense crazy questions ask them to satan doers like yourself, if you knew about Bible Studies you would not ask me such nonsense questions in term, which goes to show you don’t know God. God did not create no given names for days, nor months, all of this was done by man, and I would like for you to answer your own questions on here, after you talk with your satan doers so that everyone on here can see how ignorant you really are for satan doers. I am not perfect but I do know God and looks like I got under your skin before the RFID chip got into ya, the truth can really hurt evil doers, I pray that you very soon find answers of how God feel about satan doers, better yet, read Matthew 5:11, read Romans 2:9 read 1Timothy 6:10 read Psalms 7:11 read Proverbs 11:5 and read the entire book of Revalations, then get back with me when your feelings stop being so hurt, other than that don’t respond to no more of my comments because God know who’s right and who’s wrong. I was raised by God and his Holy Words in the Kings James Version Holy Bible, but you worship satan doers, and Christians are not commanded to worship no Holiday friend, that choice is up to them, you don’t read nowhere in The Holy Bible about no holiday names, this was all satan and mans doings my friend and no one on Gods earth know that Sunday is Sunday nor any other name of each day, we only live day by day but I do know that when God is ready for this world to end everyone shall tremble with fear especially satan doers, I fear God not satan, and knowing my heart is right with God is what will save me and many others. Worry about who and what will save you, I gurantee you, you will need more than answers in due time Anonymous. And what God need is for people like yourself to stop giving praise to evil celebrity doers, remember, God is a jealous God. God Bless

    • Why do you hurl insults at me? You do not know me. Do you realise that you hurt me in the things you say? Who do you think you are? You act as if you know God better than I do. I have pointed out that you are in error and it pisses you off doesn’t it? Bite the bullet already. You are finished. You don’t have answers. You are just getting testy with me because Im trying to break your pride. My pride is already broken. God doesnt want people filled with pride. Only God has the right to have pride. Pride in man is not acceptable by God. Since when have you EVER heard God say to ANYONE “take pride”? NEVER!!! Just read the Book of Job, God allowed bad things to happen to Job due to his PRIDE. You say you have “the pride of God”? God has no pride to give. His pride is for HIM not for you, not for me. I feel as though I am not worthy, I deserve NOTHING from Him. I feel as though the He should just end me. Boast in pride if you want, but just a word of warning, it won’t bring you happiness.
      I have answers to all those questions that I have posted. Because you don’t know the answers you just want to say some down right hateful things. Maybe I touched a nerve. I Must have “hurt your pride”. Get over it. And how dare you condemn me as a follower of satan. That piece of shit can go fuck himself.

  24. Anonymous, you hurl insults at your own stupid self, no I don’t know you nor do you know me. Do you realize you hurt yourself at the things you said? Who do you think you are? You act as if you know God better than I do. I have pointed you out as a satan doer and it pisses you off doesn’t it? Read the Holy Bible already. Before you are finished. You will never have answers. You are getting angry with me because you never had no pride to break. Your pride was already broken. God doesn’t want satan doers filled with pride . Only God has the right to have pride. Pride in satan doers is not acceptable by God. Since when have you ever heard God say praise celebrities and evil doers?I been knew the book of Job before you was born, I always feel I am worthy, I deserve blessings from God, and evil doers will never have happiness, look Anonymous, if you are a true believer of God you would not say things like I feel as though he should just end me, so looks like to me you are the one that’s finished, God is against evil talk and murder and no you never touched not one nerve in my body, And it is not about giving you answers about a best selling book and crap. Just stop answering my comments ok, because it is more to your situation in which you are not telling, I no when someone is going through satans attacks. And nothing you ever said on here never pissed me off, trust me, I’d rather be pissed off at my own urine than to get pissed off about stupid words from people that does not know better. Do not send me no more comments.

    • blessed41 why are you in an argument you two are servants of the most high God you should settle down your differences for its not the way of God and work together in spreading God’s gospel to the world .tell your brother in Christ annamous about it you can make good end time preachers and may the Gods’ grace be with you .

  25. all I ve come to accept. and they know. is that Armageddon. is near. those. blind followers will not survive and their fortunetellers told them before hand.they are fermenting what they will drink to the full extent and they will be no more.Ezekiel.38:18and on.then the real God’s kingdom will reign. forever. Psalms 37:9-11,28,29 possibly this pupet /Pope under the Jesuit’s blackpope will be the last. who will face his allies anger sedution cruel, sedution they have suff,?ered thinking they.rule when in reality they were ruled.

  26. wow there is a lot of anger circulating involving both parties. However one thing stands as true.There is only one God, and his person is Jesus Christ the Lord of all. You don’t have to give in to the idea that riches, and fame are the way to a fulfilled life. Only God can fill the void within yOU. Please do not chase after the [god] of this world only money. God’s true riches are his love, and his mercy.

  27. I just could not go away your web site before suggesting
    that I really enjoyed the usual info an individual supply on your visitors?
    Is going to be back often in order to check up on new posts

  28. this was interesting thanks . I also agree, illuminta come take my mind soul and body I accept your plans to rule the world… we can do it together.

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  32. pls all of you who were members should come back to jesus the giver of everything i think it will better because hell fire is not a good place

  33. The bible says that my people perish because of lack of knowledge.what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

  34. this shit is stupid I would never become a illuminati but see you guys when your burning in HELL!!! XD
    people just need a brain to understand this. You can become wealthy and famous without it!

  35. they will leave the globe destroyed

  36. You will need:
    1 or more black, blue or red
    candles (as many as you like)

    A sterilized needle or razor

    A piece of clean paper, large
    enough to write the prayer

    A dry pen, where you sign your
    name in blood (dip the tip of
    the pen in your blood)

    Write the following prayer:
    Before the almighty and ineffable God
    Satan/Lucifer and in the presence of
    all Demons of Hell, who are the True
    and the Original gods, I, (state your
    full name) renounce any and all past
    allegiances. I renounce the false
    Judeo/Christian god Jehova, I
    renounce his vile and worthless son
    Jesus Christ, I renounce his foul,
    odious, and rotten holy spirit.
    I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and
    only God. I promise to recognize and
    honor him in all things, without
    reservation, desiring in return, his
    manifold assistance in the successful
    completion of my endeavors.

    It is important to bathe before any rituals
    you perform, this is done out of respect.
    When you are ready, you can light the
    candle. Take the needle, prick the index
    finger of your left hand, squeeze some
    blood out.
    Sign your name in blood.
    Recite the prayer either aloud or in your
    Fold the paper and let it burn in the fire of
    the candle. Many of us have stayed and
    meditated until the candle had burned
    itself out.
    At the end of the ritual, close with the
    words “So mote it be.” And a Big “HAIL

  37. Judgment day shall tell…goat frm d sheep.thank you jesus christ fr d new life

  38. I wonder if this illuminati puppets enjoy being in the cult.

  39. Do this guys enjoy satanism or they just serve to survive

  40. Sounds about right. I will read one or two of Michael J Forsyth’s books. It is all a game. Bible punchers, just for once, try to imagine you are wrong, Please!

  41. what is the real purpose of this organisation, if it is a good organisation to join then why is it secret. ILLUMINATI ??????

  42. A pack of rubbish.

  43. All i will say is everyone on this website is fucking retarded especially the people who think satan and god are real

  44. I do not consent and neither should you. These plans have been actualized over and over and GOD destroys it every time. Babylon, Atlantis, Egypt, Sodom and Gomorroh, etc. These illuminati are used by Lucifer and he will betray them too. Illuminati members brains are seared and fussed with hive-like evil. They are jail bait themselves and will all burn in hell. Jesus will not be a pacifist when He returns but Almighty, strong, determined and a Warrior. It will be something to behold.

  45. I know that who is a god of illuminaties her name is dajjal

  46. The true “God” relies in the third eye. That’s what the illuminati believes, why do you think they’ve been so successful for so long? The pineal gland, pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”. We have to embrace the fact that we are our own gods. we must use the illuminatis hidden messgaes to defeat them otherwise we will not stand a chance.

  47. Calm down, people. Here, have a nice refreshing glass of kool-aid. Drink it all down now. You’ll feel much better in just a minute.

  48. I am so happy I just read that. fantastic

  49. oh ya

  50. holy shit

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