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Obama’s Top 6 Threats to America Balance Each Other Out, Expert Says   1 comment

PRESIDENT Obama poses 6 terrifyng threats to America -- or does he?

Obama poses 6 terrifyng threats to America — or does he?

By C. Michael Forsyth

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama is evil in a half dozen ways that menace America – but miraculously, the six threats cancel each other out!

“Obama is a socialist, a Muslim, a Kenyan, a member of the Illuminati, the Antichrist and a leader of the Trilateral Commission,” declares author Jonathan R. Bernyard, one of the nation’s leading experts on Obama conspiracies. “Any single one of these would make him a danger to our freedom.

“However, the forms of evil are in pairs that operate against each other. It’s like that 19th century case of the British traveler in the Carpathian Mountains who was bitten by a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie and a mummy in the course of a week. Put together, the venoms canceled each other out and he was fine.

“That story may be aprocryphal, but the principle is absolutely certain. As every schoolboy learns in science class, when equally balanced forces act on an object from opposite directions, it doesn’t move. For the very same reason, President Obama cannot harm America.”

Bernyard lays out his unorthodox theory in an upcoming book, The Obama Factor. Here’s a quick break down:

FIERCE African warriors believe only the fit should survive.

FIERCE African warriors believe in survival of the fittest.

* Obama is a native of Kenya who spent his formative years in a savage, winner-take-all culture.

“The Masai are fierce warriors who from infancy are taught that only the strong survive. The weak who are unable to fend for themselves must be allowed to perish,” Bernyard explains. “That Kenyan mentality makes Obama instinctively inclined to shred our country’s social safety net with a spear, leaving millions of poor Americans to literally starve. It’s social Darwinism at its worst.

“But remember, Obama attended one of our liberal colleges, where he was indoctrinated in radical socialism. He believes in his heart in the redistribution of wealth. That cancels out the harsh individualistic streak in his blood.”

DON'T be deceived. This Jesus lookalike in a painting by Luca Signorelli is the Antichrist.

DON’T be deceived. This Jesus lookalike in a painting by Luca Signorelli is the Antichrist

* Many top Bible scholars warn that the President is the Antichrist, the evil tyrant whose rise to power is foretold in the Bible’s book of Revelation.

“Belief in the Antichrist is a central doctrine of Christianity,” Bernyard observes. “The Beast, as this sinister figure is also known, must of course believe wholeheartedly in the prophecy and that his purpose here on earth is to fulfill it.

“However, as is well-documented, Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and the Islamic worldview was drummed into him at an early age in a madrassa in Indonesia. That worldview simply does not allow for the existence of the Antichrist. Obama will thus reject his Satan-given role as the embodiment of evil because his Moslem upbringing does not allow him to accept the existence of Lucifer.”

This symbol of capitalism and of the Illumanti bent on destroying it can be found on the back of the $1 bill.

This symbol of capitalism and of the Illumanti bent on destroying it can be found on the back of the $1 bill.

* Obama is a member of the Illuminati, a sinister secret society that dates back to the 18th century.

“The goal of the Illuminati is to sweep aside everything we hold dear and usher in a new world order,” the expert declares. “They are credited with having sparked the French Revolution in which aristocrats were hunted down and executed. They want to erase all traditional centers of power. As far back as the 1700s, they were caught in a plot to assassinate all the kings of Europe as well as the Pope, a plot that nearly succeeded.

“Yet it has also been proven that Obama is a card-carrying member of the Trilateral Commission, like presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and Jimmy Carter before him. The Trilateral Commission is dedicated to centralizing power among a small elite of establishment figures – presidents, royalty, heads of prominent corporations. This completely counterbalances Obama’s involvement with the Illuminati.”

If Bernyard’s analysis is correct, it means that President Obama offers no direct threat to the people of the United States. The author insists that the earnest efforts of patriots like Donald Trump, who has called for revolution in the wake of Barack’s re-election, and others petitioning to secede from America or boycott the Electoral College, should be put on hold.

“These conflicting forces render Obama helpless to harm America,” he says. “Ironically, he may thus turn out to be one of the best presidents we’ve ever had.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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The identities of Illuminati members are top secret.

By. C. Michael Forsyth

NEW YORK CITY — Eat your heart out, Julian Assange! A new whistleblowing website is publishing the top secret plans of the Illuminati!

The shadowy secret society is said to be the “unseen hand” that controls world affairs like a puppeteer, pulling the strings of governments and corporations alike.

The agenda of the centuries-old organization has always been a closely guarded secret known only to its members – until now. The new, which goes online next Monday, promises to unveil the order’s ultra-secret 15-Year Plan. And the information dwarfs anything exposed by the infamous WikiLeaks.

“With all due respect to Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks, the data in those leaks was old hat,” declares Roger Grenway, founder of OmniLeaks. “It was no surprise to learn that many of America’s ‘allies’ secretly hate us or that Swiss banks hide the assets of crooks and dictators.

“By contrast, much of what we’ve gleaned from these Illuminati documents is earthshaking and will affect the future of every man, woman and child on the planet.”

The Illuminati's ulimate goal is to usher in a New World Order.

The Illuminati documents come from two main sources: The first is a computer file retrieved from the organization’s computer system in its Geneva headquarters.

“Our team of hackers had to penetrate 12 layers of firewalls and defense mechanisms,” Grenway explains. “Once the documents were in our hands, leading cryptologists hired at great expense had to decipher the 78,000 words of text, written in the legendary Illuminati Code.”

Many of the world’s most brilliant minds, from Alan Turing, the famed World War II code-breaker and father of the computer, to Albert Einstein himself, have tried to unlock the incredibly intricate code in the past, to no avail.

“After eight months of tireless, around the clock work, our team succeeded,” the whistleblower claims.

“The other half of the 15-Year Plan comes from handwritten notes on a yellow legal pad, accidentally left behind after an Illuminati meeting and found by a cleaning lady.”

WHOOPS! Papers inadvertantly left behind on conference table yielded vital clues about Illuminati plans.

Here are ten of the 57 Illuminati plans Grenway has uncovered:

1. USE THE INTERNET AS SPY TOOL. “Having made ‘social media’ universal and gaining access to the purchasing habits, interests and real-time thought processes of American citizens, we can now move onto Phase 2, a monitoring system not unlike the one envisioned by Mr. Orwell.”

2. BRING BACK DEBTORS PRISONS. “With the aid of the populist movement now successfully in place, pass the American Freedom and Responsibility Act. Citizens who default on loans shall be imprisoned, establishing a pool of inexpensive prison labor.”

DEBTORS PRISONS will provide a rich source of cheap labor, as well as colonists.

3. ESTABLISH NEW RELIGION. “A powerful new ‘Third Estate’ shall allow us to exert influence akin to our past control of the Catholic Church. Merging of Scientology and Christian Science to form this new sect will be a simple matter, as many people already confuse the two.”

4. LIQUIDATE INDIA’S COWS. “Retrofitting grazing land for use cultivating crops as well as distribution of beef will greatly reduce world hunger.”

COWS are sacred according to Hindu religion -- but slaughtering India's cattle could end world hunger, the Illuminati believe.

5. INSTITUTE A SINGLE UNIVERSAL CURRENCY. “Attempts to use paper bills bearing the likeness of any U.S. President must be severely punished. Suggested sentence: seven years in a federal penitentiary.”

6. EXTEND SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING. “Subconcious-targeted messages via television, radio, films and Internet are a proven success. Expand program to include computer games, thereby to maximize re-education at most malleable age.”

7. ESTABLISH A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. “Sinoanglohindi, created by our linguists, shall be the official language, accelerating globalization. Note: we must see that this is imposed more effectively in the United States than the metric system, our most dismal failure.”

8. COLONIZE ANTARCTICA. “A penal colony on the Seventh Continent, including volunteers released conditionally from debtors prisons (AKA Freedom Centers) shall be step one. Colonization will help ease population concerns, so that Protocol 273 can be postponed.”

Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth.

9. OUTLAW LABOR UNIONS. “Exploit the resentment of firemen and teachers that Member 72 has successfully fostered to pass a federal law outlawing collective bargaining. Reduced wages in U.S. will spur the global economy.”

10. RETURN MIDDLE EAST TO PHARAONIC RULE. “Having successfully engineered the collapse of key Mideast governments, put in place a regional ruler to restore order. This shall lead to lasting peace in the Holy Land.”

The time frame for these huge changes is not clear.

“We only know that this is all to take place within 15 years,” says Grenway.

The origins of the Illuminati are hazy. Many historians believe the outfit was founded in May 1776, in Bavaria by one Dr. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University, a former Jesuit, and devotee of Machiavelli. Nine years later, the Illuminati were banned by the Bavarian government for plotting to overthrow all the kings in Europe as well as the Pope. But the organization went underground and has continued to act behind the scenes, cooking up various conspiracies up until the present day.

MYSTERIOUS Dr. Adam Weishaupt played key role in Illuminati.

“The Illuminati have been credited with sparking both the French and American revolutions,” says Grenway. “It’s certainly no coincidence that the Declaration of Independence was signed barely two months after its founding.

“The organization has had a hand in every war since then, up to and including Operation Iraqi Freedom, on one side or another — or sometimes both.”

Signing of the Declaration of Independence marked one of Illuminati's greatest successes.

“Some of their efforts are well intentioned, but go sour as in the case of the French Revolution — they didn’t foresee the Reign of Terror,” Grenway maintains. “Their ultimate goal is the establishment of a New World Order. The problem is, no one outside the organization knows exactly what that means.”

REIGN OF TERROR: Some of the Illuminati's plots got a bit out of hand, as in the case of the French Revolution.

Some historians believe that Weishaupt didn’t invent the Illuminati, but only revived it.
Experts have traced the mysterious order back to the Italian Renaissance, to the Knights Templar, to Greek and Gnostic cults — and some even contend the secret society dates as far back as ancient Egypt.

The Illuminati have been hatching schemes since at least the Renaissance, some experts say.

“Our researchers haven’t nailed down the Illuminati’s true origin,” says Grenway. “Nor do we know whether anyone can thwart their plans now that we’re making them public. The power and influence of the Illuminati are unthinkably vast.

“We can at least hope that members of the public can make sound decisions based on what we now know is coming down the pike.’

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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