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By C. Michael Forsyth

A tingling sensation runs through your body, a bright beam of light envelops you, and you feel yourself being pulled from the Earth into the sky. You are elated because you’re being taken up in The Rapture … or are you being abducted by a UFO?

It can be maddeningly difficult to distinguish the two experiences — yet it’s critical that you know how, says a top expert.

“You need to know whether to prepare yourself to meet God face to face, or brace yourself for an alien probe,” points out Christian paranormal investigator Herbert W. Leningale.

Here, from the researcher, are eight ways to tell if you’re being beamed up to Heaven or to a flying saucer:

1) MUSIC — Being swept up in the Rapture is likely to be accompanied by angelic music, as the Lord’s heavenly harpists greet the newcomers. In contrast, alien abductees have reported hearing five distinct musical notes, similar to those in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

2) ABILITY TO MOVE – If you feel yourself paralyzed, unable to move however much you struggle, and unable to even scream, chances are you are experiencing an alien abduction. If you are able to happily wave goodbye down to neighbors who’ve been left behind, it’s more likely you are Heaven-bound.

3) COMPLETE NUDITY – Are you in your birthday suit? Experts agree that folks lucky enough to be picked for the Rapture will leave their clothes behind, and will arrive in Heaven naked as the day they were born. Alien abductees remain fully dressed, at least until the E.T.’s commence their scientific exams.

4) NUMBER OF LIGHTS – Squint up into the light you’re traveling toward. Can you make out eight or more separate lights in a circular pattern? Those are probably the landing lights of a flying saucer. Rapture light will be a single, powerful beam.

5) FELLOW TRAVELERS – Glance around to see whether other people are rising in bright beams. It’s expected that 144,000 true believers will be bodily drawn up to Heaven. So unless you live in a town full of sinners and atheists, you’ll have some company on the trip. If you’re flying solo, odds are this is an abduction experience.

6) LOUD NOISES – Listen for the sounds of car crashes in the distance. When the Rapture occurs, the Select will abruptly vanish from their cars, leading to scores of fender benders. During a UFO abduction, you may instead hear military aircraft firing upon the unidentified craft.

7) TEMPERATURE – A pleasurable warmth akin to a hot bath should soothe you on the express route to Heaven. Most alien abductees describe the UFO tractor beam as so chilly they get goosebumps.

8) EMOTIONS – If you’re being taken up in The Rapture, you will be filled with a feeling of ecstasy and well-being. A sense of dread typically accompanies UFO abduction.

Copyright C Michael Forsyth

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