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Obama’s Top 6 Threats to America Balance Each Other Out, Expert Says   1 comment

PRESIDENT Obama poses 6 terrifyng threats to America -- or does he?

Obama poses 6 terrifyng threats to America — or does he?

By C. Michael Forsyth

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama is evil in a half dozen ways that menace America – but miraculously, the six threats cancel each other out!

“Obama is a socialist, a Muslim, a Kenyan, a member of the Illuminati, the Antichrist and a leader of the Trilateral Commission,” declares author Jonathan R. Bernyard, one of the nation’s leading experts on Obama conspiracies. “Any single one of these would make him a danger to our freedom.

“However, the forms of evil are in pairs that operate against each other. It’s like that 19th century case of the British traveler in the Carpathian Mountains who was bitten by a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie and a mummy in the course of a week. Put together, the venoms canceled each other out and he was fine.

“That story may be aprocryphal, but the principle is absolutely certain. As every schoolboy learns in science class, when equally balanced forces act on an object from opposite directions, it doesn’t move. For the very same reason, President Obama cannot harm America.”

Bernyard lays out his unorthodox theory in an upcoming book, The Obama Factor. Here’s a quick break down:

FIERCE African warriors believe only the fit should survive.

FIERCE African warriors believe in survival of the fittest.

* Obama is a native of Kenya who spent his formative years in a savage, winner-take-all culture.

“The Masai are fierce warriors who from infancy are taught that only the strong survive. The weak who are unable to fend for themselves must be allowed to perish,” Bernyard explains. “That Kenyan mentality makes Obama instinctively inclined to shred our country’s social safety net with a spear, leaving millions of poor Americans to literally starve. It’s social Darwinism at its worst.

“But remember, Obama attended one of our liberal colleges, where he was indoctrinated in radical socialism. He believes in his heart in the redistribution of wealth. That cancels out the harsh individualistic streak in his blood.”

DON'T be deceived. This Jesus lookalike in a painting by Luca Signorelli is the Antichrist.

DON’T be deceived. This Jesus lookalike in a painting by Luca Signorelli is the Antichrist

* Many top Bible scholars warn that the President is the Antichrist, the evil tyrant whose rise to power is foretold in the Bible’s book of Revelation.

“Belief in the Antichrist is a central doctrine of Christianity,” Bernyard observes. “The Beast, as this sinister figure is also known, must of course believe wholeheartedly in the prophecy and that his purpose here on earth is to fulfill it.

“However, as is well-documented, Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and the Islamic worldview was drummed into him at an early age in a madrassa in Indonesia. That worldview simply does not allow for the existence of the Antichrist. Obama will thus reject his Satan-given role as the embodiment of evil because his Moslem upbringing does not allow him to accept the existence of Lucifer.”

This symbol of capitalism and of the Illumanti bent on destroying it can be found on the back of the $1 bill.

This symbol of capitalism and of the Illumanti bent on destroying it can be found on the back of the $1 bill.

* Obama is a member of the Illuminati, a sinister secret society that dates back to the 18th century.

“The goal of the Illuminati is to sweep aside everything we hold dear and usher in a new world order,” the expert declares. “They are credited with having sparked the French Revolution in which aristocrats were hunted down and executed. They want to erase all traditional centers of power. As far back as the 1700s, they were caught in a plot to assassinate all the kings of Europe as well as the Pope, a plot that nearly succeeded.

“Yet it has also been proven that Obama is a card-carrying member of the Trilateral Commission, like presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and Jimmy Carter before him. The Trilateral Commission is dedicated to centralizing power among a small elite of establishment figures – presidents, royalty, heads of prominent corporations. This completely counterbalances Obama’s involvement with the Illuminati.”

If Bernyard’s analysis is correct, it means that President Obama offers no direct threat to the people of the United States. The author insists that the earnest efforts of patriots like Donald Trump, who has called for revolution in the wake of Barack’s re-election, and others petitioning to secede from America or boycott the Electoral College, should be put on hold.

“These conflicting forces render Obama helpless to harm America,” he says. “Ironically, he may thus turn out to be one of the best presidents we’ve ever had.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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Group Demands Letter From Pope Stating Obama’s Not the Antichrist!   Leave a comment

By C. Michael Forsyth

MOBILE, Ala. — A conservative organization is demanding that the White House release credible evidence that President Barack Obama is not the Antichrist: a signed letter from the Pope!

“It’s an entirely reasonable request,” insists Dan Stantlerman, vice president of the League of Patriotic Americans for Truth.

“America is on cordial terms with the Vatican. If President Obama asked for a brief letter from Pope Benedict XVI attesting to him not being the Antichrist, I don’t think the Pontiff would have a problem with that. So why is the Administration refusing to put in the request? What does Obama have to hide?”

Surprisingly, the White House is giving serious thought to knuckling under to the outlandish demand.

“We just want to get these people off our backs,” explains a reliable White House source. “But it’s a sticky situation. What if we ask the Pope for the letter and he balks? It will look like the President really is the Antichrist.”

INFALLIBLE: A signed letter from Pope Benedict XVI could reassure many Americans that President Obama is not the Antichrist.

President Obama isn’t the first public figure suspected of being the Antichrist, a powerful dictator and incarnation of evil whose rise to power during the End Times is foretold in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. At the height of World War II, many religious folks feared that Adolf Hitler was the sinister figure. But Stantlerman and his group argue that Obama is a far more likely candidate.

ALSO suspected of being the Antichrist: Nazi madman Adolf Hitler.

“Yes, Hitler put people in concentration camps, but Obama forced universal healthcare down people’s throats,” Stantlerman points out.

“Hitler met with Stalin to sign the Warsaw Pact. Obama had that Beer Summit. Don’t you see the connection?”

Obama’s legitimacy as Commander in Chief has been a matter of controversy almost since his inauguration. Members of the “birther” movement demanded proof that he was really born in Hawaii and not in Kenya. When the White House yielded to pressure and released his long-form birth certificate back in April, that appeared to settle the matter. But soon afterward, religious-right leaders began to make the shocking Antichrist allegations from pulpits across America.

Frustrated White House aides feel they just can’t win. They worry that producing a letter from the Pope will be useless, since most born-again Christians don’t believe in the doctrine of papal infallibility and may not trust his judgment about who is and who is not the Antichrist.

“For God’s sake, some of these Bible-thumping wackos think the Pope is the Antichrist,” fumes one exasperated White House staffer.

Indeed, some hardcore “Antichristers” are already saying the papal letter won’t suffice.

“The White House needs to release a videotape, filmed by an independent third party, showing every inch of the President’s skin, from head to toe, proving that the Antichrist’s 666 logo is nowhere on his body,” declares Mary-Joe Rulerway, a prominent figure in the Antichrister movement.

“We are, of course, mindful of the President’s privacy. When the tape is made public, his face can be blacked out.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

The author of this article has written a critically acclaimed horror novel. The Horror Fiction Review gives Hour of the Beast "two thumbs up and a lusty howl at the moon."

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