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Ban Vampire Conversion Therapy, Activists Demand   Leave a comment

RECKLESS? Devampirizing treatment shown in movie Near Dark is risky and unsanitary, critics charge

By C. Michael Forsyth

Activists are condemning a controversial form of conversion therapy that supposedly cures vampires!

Practitioners of the unorthodox technique—which involves total blood replacement via transfusion—claim that it has successfully restored dozens of bloodsuckers to normal. But critics charge that the practice is dangerous and they call the therapists little more than snake oil salesmen.

“These quacks are promoting a so-called cure that is scientifically unsound, ineffective and potentially lethal,” blasts Oliver Shursman, executive director of the American Blood Drinkers Association. 

“Many newly turned vampires are emotionally vulnerable, full of confusion and self-loathing. The last thing they need is some charlatan reinforcing the idea that there’s something ‘wrong’ with them and holding out false hope that they can be fixed.”

The trend is driven by Sanguivoriphobia, the irrational fear of and dislike for vampires, he says. “This is bigotry disguised as medicine.”

The therapy, which has not yet received FDA approval, is being carried out in at least six facilities located in Florida and Georgia. The units receive funding principally from evangelical churches and family values organizations. Four of the facilities operate under the banner Soul Restoration Centers and are owned by Dr. Budd Koarski of Tallahassee, FL, who is widely viewed as the father of the devampirizing movement.

Dr. Koarksi reveals he got the brainstorm eight years ago at a Halloween party after watching the movie Near Dark (1987) in which an old country veterinarian cures his son and the boy’s girlfriend of vampirism through transfusions.

“When I saw that scene, I was surprised because I’d never thought something so simple and obvious could work,” he explains. “It took some digging through obscure old books and articles on vampirism, but sure enough, I found that back in the Depression era, backwoods doctors in Louisiana used the technique to heal vampirism sufferers and return them to their families.”

Dr. Koarski claims that some 28 vampires have been successfully converted at his facilities alone since 2015.   

“These had been predators who were hopelessly stuck in the degrading vampire lifestyle, living like feral animals in squalid abandoned buildings and hunting at night,” he says. “Now they are healthy, productive members of society who walk around in daylight–and many even attend church regularly,” he says.

 “One man brought to us by family members had been living as a vampire since 1977. When he realized he had been liberated from this evil curse after so many decades, he wept tears of joy and hugged all the staff at the facility.”

OLD SCHOOL: Transfusions were used to combat vampirism outbreaks in the 1930s

However, critics say that the effects of introducing massive quantities of human blood to a vampire intravenously have not been adequately tested. And they point to a notorious 2011 incident in Mobile, Ala., where a vampire spontaneously combusted during a transfusion.

“Dr. Koarski is not a medical doctor or even a vet,” Shursman observes. “As I understand it, he has a Ph.D in music. He and his ilk have no business dispensing medical advice, let alone running medical facilities treating one of the most complex and little-understood conditions in the world.”

The  American Blood Drinkers Association and several other vampire-rights organizations are calling for Florida Governor DeSantis, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and state lawmakers to pass a bill outlawing the vampire conversion therapy until studies prove the procedure is safe. Until that happens, Dr. Koarski plans to keep curing vampires at his centers and he has plans to soon expand into four additional states.

“Our goal is to cure 100 vampires by the end of this year and 250 the year after that,” he declares.

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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New Therapy That “Flips” Lesbian Teens to Bisexual Gets OK From Gay Groups.   Leave a comment

AC/DC: Actresses and Sarah Michelle Gellar give bisexuality a shot in "Cruel Intentions."

AC/DC: Actresses Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar give bisexuality a shot in “Cruel Intentions.”

By C. Michael Forsyth

TRENTON, N.J. — Gay rights activists, family values crusaders and men’s organizations all see merit in a new form of therapy that trains teenage girls to be bisexual.

Known as Best of Both Worlds Therapy, the treatment takes girls leaning toward lesbianism, but still on the fence, and helps cement their orientation as bisexual instead.

Droves of psychologists have been taking seminars in the approach, in anticipation of a pending New Jersey law that would make it illegal for a licensed therapist to try to “convert” a gay minor to heterosexuality.

“Politics is all about compromise,” explains Ron Whulbred of the U.S. Association for Christian Values. “Of course, in a perfect world, we’d like every American girl to be a red-blooded heterosexual. But we’d certainly prefer her to be bisexual than all the way gay.”

Some gay rights groups, while still wary of Best of Both Worlds Therapy, see it as a vast improvement over Conversion Therapy, also known as “Reparative Therapy.” And even men’s organizations that are sometimes viewed as stuck in the 1970s when it comes to sexuality give a thumbs up to the 12-week program.

“It’s a win-win,” enthuses Rick Scraszholtz, president of Fairness for Men. “Every guy in America wishes his girlfriend was bi. Anyone who can convince thousands of teenage cheerleaders to swing both ways is doing a service to the whole male race.”

The therapy is aimed at “at risk” teens, girls who appear to be tomboys, eschew makeup, excel in traditionally lesbian sports such as softball or fixate on attractive female pop stars like Katy Perry.

“Typically you’ll have a girl of 16 or 17 who has had a boyfriend, then gets drunk at a party and starts kissing another female,” says therapist Dr. Herbert L. Pachivski. “She’ll panic and thinks she’s gay. Her distraught parents, often devoutly religious, will bring her in for counseling. Through talk therapy, I’ll show her that while, yes, she’s attracted to women, she’s probably bisexual, not a lesbian. The relief these girls feel is palpable.”

THREE'S COMPANY? Most men would love to have a girlfriend like scorching hot starlet Megan Fox, who is openly bisexual.

THREE’S COMPANY? Most men would love to have a girlfriend like smoking hot starlet Megan Fox, who is openly bisexual.

A California law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year put the kibosh on Conversion Therapy, branding efforts to flip homosexuals discredited “quackery” that could have a harmful impact on impressionable young gays. But a judge slapped an injunction on the law and as of last week, a federal appeals court in San Francisco was still hearing arguments about it. The New Jersey bill, which recently cleared a state senate panel, is also in jeopardy and some gay organizations consider Best of Both Worlds Therapy an acceptable compromise.

As one lesbian rights activist put it, “We’d rather have young women ‘batting for both teams’ than be strictly on the other side.”

But the innovative therapy has a handful of adamant critics in the LGBT community.

“This sounds to me a lot like certain anti-gay psychologists are trying to make an end run around the law,” declares openly gay journalist Genelle McAverbee. “You’re born either straight, gay or bisexual and nobody can change it, unless you go to prison or something like that.”

Copyright C. Michael Forsyth

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